Lovely and Little Amigurumi Bunny

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To create a rabbit requires the skill of crochet, and better experience in knitting Amaguumi. Small details knit hard, rabbit is very miniature. I give my author a detailed description, copying without indication of authorship (reference to the Master-Class) is forbidden.

So, let's start!

Materials and tools:


Yarn (I have yarm art yeanse), quite a bit, much less Hank. Kruchek (I have 1.5). If the yarn is thicker, then the hooks need thicker, but thinner than recommended on the package of yarn. Scissors, a needle with a wide ear. Packing (Synthepon, hollofayber, what is), wire, Scotch.

Additional (for the design of the toy):

Glue, felt, ready spout for toys (I have handmade from baked plastics, but it is possible to replace it with cut from a felt, for example), acrylic paints, a little wool for a felting for a tail (it is possible again to replace on a felt).

In general, the design of the toy can be any, to your taste and color. 


Amaguumi Ring

The photo illustrates the process of knitting a six-loop peg, a ring of 5 loops is created similarly.

-No-scale column



The total number of loops in the resulting series is shown in parentheses.

Progress of work:

We begin to knit with legs. 

We dial the Amaguumi ring of 5, then knit in a circle of 5 rows.


1.5 Loops in Amaguumi ring (5)

2.4 SNB, D (6)

3.5 SBN, D (7)

4.6 SBN, OL (8)

Cut the thread, knit the next leg similarly.

Then on the second leg knitting (1 SBN, D)-Repeat 3 times, 1 SBN, take the other leg and continue to knit on it (1 SBN, D)-3 times, 1 SBN

The total should be 20 loops. 2 unpressed loops between the legs are sewn together.

Then the legs pass to the body:

1. Knitting on 20 S5 rows in a row

2. (UB, 3 SBN)-Repeat 4 times (16).

3. At this stage, tie the paws to the torso. 3 SBN, tie the paws (stretch the thread through the loops of the paws and body), while doing the ubavku.

Then knit 6 SBN, tie the second paw and do the ubavku, 3 SBN. There must be 14 loops left.

4. (5 SBN, Ubava)-2 times (12).

Fills our. 

The head flows smoothly from the body:

1. (1 Sat, D) — 6 times (18)

2. (2 SBN, D) — 6 times (24)

3. (3, D) — 6 times (30)

4.3 Rows 30 SBN

5. (3 SBN, UB) — 6 times (24)

6. (2 SBN, UB) — 6 times (18)

Fills our.

7. (1 SBN, UB) — 6 times (12)

8. UB-6 times (6)

Then sew the hole and thread.

Legs, they can be slightly pressed to the body by thread. Sew from one shoulder through the body to another, then back. Thread tie, cut, hide.

Ears. We put a ring of Amgurumi from 6 loops, knit in a circle to the necessary length. I didn't think the loops were knitting on my eyes.

We do the wire. The sharp tips are taped.

"Put on" ears, Prishivayem, attach the desired shape.

You're done! The only thing left is to decorate the toy. I have a tail.

The spout is made of polymer clay, the eyes are painted with acrylic paints, the mouth is made of felt. The heart is also felt on the navel:) I have a baby with only 13 cm of ears.

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