Amigurumi New Year Chicken

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New Year's coming soon. 

I was contacted by a rooster, a toy on a Christmas tree.

Girls, spread the photo Mk. Maybe someone will come in handy.

I will describe a little basis Petushka (torso with a head).
I use a thread of X/b. Iris, you can in two strings. Hook 1.5

Knitting should be dense.

1 to 5 row. 
Add columns, every 4 columns.

6 to 10 row. 
Knit bars.

11 to 13 row. 
Add columns, every 4 columns.

14 to 23 row. 
Knit bars.

24 row. 
Lower, through two columns, the Loop (column) misses, and so the whole series.

The 25th row. 
Knit the poles, and tie the legs.

Fill the body tightly with the knitting (synpoonom)

26 Row knitting as 24 row.

27 Row Knitting as 25 row

And so knit to the last loop.

Legs knit in two strings, Hook № 2.

I do the comb, and the other parts are glued (glue gun)

I hope all other details will be understandable by the photo.
Like all!!!

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/petlya_mebiusa/post403351510/

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