Skirt Sea Surf

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So, the total thread consumption per skirt (size 44-46) is about 820 grams. Knitted, as already mentioned earlier, from mohair yarn with silk from Anny Blatt (80% mohair, 20% silk, 20 g / 46 m), crochet number 1.5. Spent 35 coils of blue-blue mohair and a little less than 7 gray coins. 

A thread of blue-blue color did not have enough skirts at the end of the rim and because they could no longer buy them, so they decided to make a finish on the bottom of the gray mohair. 

The skirt turned out to be quite heavy, because it knitted tightly and besides, silk is present in the yarn, and it is known to be heavy.

In order for it to keep its shape well, I decided to tie in one of the reginal's lines ("whalebone") on the bottom. On the lower edge, because of the uneven edge, he fell down badly, so he replaced it with a fishing line with a diameter of 0.3 mm. She gently holds the form. Regilin, on the other hand, was tying it on top of the rim and adding an additional strap with a gray thread. 

So, the photo of the skirt is on the dummy (intermediate version and with a gray strapping). I tried to highlight the gray thread of the bottom of the skirt of the skirt, but the customer did not like this option, so in the final version it is no longer (dissolved)

I photographed in different angles dressing on a mannequin in different ways. In general, the skirt is planned to be worn on the hips, but due to the unobtrusive lace on the top, it can be worn at the waist. The lace is inserted into the holes of the loin cells (the ends are hidden under the skirt). Lining to the skirt is also planned. He will sew from silk. 

Skirt "Sea Surf" (intermediate stage). Collage 1-11 

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