Amigurumi Keychain Mouse Free Pattern

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Hello, my dear Craftersy!!!
I'll tell you how I knit these pads.
The author who created this image is a huge thank you!!!

For 2 pillows Cook:
-Yarn 3 + 1 Skeok White (I have alize lanagold in 100 gr 240 m),
-Filler (Hollofayber),
-Tools (circular spokes 4, hosiery 3, Hook 2.3 and 3.5),
-Eyes (12 mm),
-Fabric monochrome or cotton two pieces of the size 35 * 35 cm,
-a pomponchik for a trunk of a mouse, it is possible and to embroider it,
-Cotton yarn gold or jeans 300/330 m in 100 gr,
-A pair of eyes 3 mm,
-a bow bought or connected.

Let's start with a small mouse, I will have it white, you can tie it: white, gray, beige-any color.

A friend's mouse.
1. The yarn of Alice Cotton Gold or Jarnart jeans (white or gray or beige, slightly red thread, slightly black)
3. Hook 2.5
4. Filler
5. Needle with large ear
6. Small Pompom
7. A pair of eyes 3 mm
8. Bantik
9. Spiza

So we started, knit all the details in a spiral.
The first row is dialed in any convenient way (Amaguumi ring, chain of air loops, two loops):

1r: 6 SBN
2R: OL * 6 (12)
3r: (Sat, D) * 6 (18 SBN)
4-8 r: 5 rows unchanged
9r: (UB, SBN) * 6 (12 SBN)
10р: 1 row without changes-fill tightly
11R: UB * 6
Loops to pull, a thread to hide in the head:

1r: 6 SBN
2R: OL * 6 (12)
3r: (Sat, D) * 6 (18 SBN)
4-10 r: 7 rows unchanged
11R: (UB, SBN) * 6 (12 SBN)
12R: 1 row behind the rear walls 12 down-front sew head. Fill it tightly.
13R: UB * 6
Loop pull, leave 50 cm thread:

Ears (2 parts):
1r: 6 LED tail in second row
2R: OL * 6 (12)
Fasten the thread and leave the tail for stitching:

Legs (4 items):
1r: 5 SBN
2r: PR * 5 (10 SBN)
3-4 r: 2 rows unchanged
5R: UB * 5
Loops to pull off, to cut off 50 sm, to stretch in the middle of the tightened loops and to dial a chain from 11 in. P. Leave the tail.

Dial a chain of 20 v. P., leave the tail for stitching:

Everything is ready, now we collect.
Take a needle with a large ear, thread the legs and bring them to the top of the body, there tie on a knot and hide the ponytails in the body:

The handles are fastened under a row which we have knitted behind a back wall, we deduce ends in a top of a body, tie, hide in a body:

With a tail we do the same:

A little "Voodoo" pierces the head of the spokes, put it in the middle of the body and prishivayem behind the front walls. We fix the thread, but do not trim it:

The rest of the tail do the ducklings for the eyes, if you have a few eyes, then immediately drag them. I will be hot glue gluing:

Attach ears:

Sticking eyes and spout (if nothing is suitable, you can embroider the spout or tie a small ball):

Embroider and mouth, sew or glue a bow (if on the neck, there will be a boy, on the head-a girl):

It is possible to tie a bow on a scheme, only not with 3 scum, and with one: all, our mouse is ready and waits for the place in a pillow:

The Master class is very detailed and for this reason is quite large.

Author's photos:

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