Amigurumi Mini Dog Free Pattern

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Let's tie another dog! I suggest an option on the pugovichnom fastening feet that allows the toy to be movable and take a variety of postures. A dog can be a souvenir, a fob or a friend for your dolls.

The size at knitting by the specified threads about 7 SM. 

For knitting doggy you will need:

-Iris threads of three shades of brown color;
-Hook № 1;
-Filler for toys;
-Acrylic paints for painting (or pastels, shadows, pencils);
-4 buttons for fastening of feet on 2 punctures (or it is possible to make fastening on threads, without buttons);
-2 Beads for eyes (or ready eyes, or threads for embroidery of a peephole);
-Polymer Clay for the spout (or thread for the embroidery of the nose);
-Needle for stitching;
-Glue the moment of the crystal (for gluing the spout and collar);
-Leather segment, wire or pin and collar pendant.


VP-Air Loop
PRS-Column without a throw

1. Head

Knit the main color, starting with the tip of the spout.

1st Row-6SBN in the ring Amigurumi
2nd row – 6PR = 12SBN
3rd row – (1SBN, D) x6 = 18SBN
4-7th Series – 18SBN
8th Series-(1SBN, d) x9 = 27SBN
9th Series-8SBN, (d, 4SBN) x2, D, 8SBN = 30SBN
10th Series-6SBN, PR, 2SBN, (d, 5SBN) x2, D, 2SBN, d, 5SBN = 35 PRS
11th Series – 17. D, 17 = 36
12-19th series – 36 prs
20th Series-(4SBN, UB) x6 = 30SBN
21st Series-(3SBN, UB) x6 = 24SBN
22nd Series-(2SBN, UB) x6 = 18SBN
23rd Series-(1SBN, UB) x6 = 12SBN, to beat the muzzle
24th Series-6ub = 6sbn.
Cut the thread, leaving a long ponytail.

2. Body

Knit the main color, starting from the front of the chest.

The 1st row-6SBN in the ring Amigurumi.
2nd row – 6PR = 12SBN
3rd row – (1SBN, D) x6 = 18SBN
4th Row – (2SBN, D) x6 = 24SBN
5th Row – (3SBN, D) x6 = 30SBN
6th Row – (d, 9SBN) x3 = 33 PRS
7-15th Series – 33 PRS
16th Series – (UB, 2SBN) x3, 21SBN = 30SBN
17-23rd Series-30SBN
24th Series-(3SBN, UB) x6 = 24SBN
25th Series-(2SBN, UB) x6 = 18SBN
To beat the body.
26th Series-(1SBN, UB) x6 = 12SBN
27th Series-6ub = 6SBN

3. Paws

Tie 2 pieces of body color and 2 pieces with other shades.

The 1st row-6SBN in the ring Amigurumi.
The second row – 12SBN
3rd row – (PR, 3SBN) x3 = 15SBN
4-5th Series – 15SBN
6th Row – 1SBN, PR, 2SBN, (UB, 1SBN) x3, 1sbn, d = 14SBN
7th Row – 4SBN, (UB, 2SBN) x2, 2SBN = 12SBN
8th Series-3SBN, (UB, 2SBN) x2, 1SBN = 10SBN
9-10th Series – 10SBN
11th Series-3SBN, (d, 2SBN) x2, 1SBN = 12SBN
12th Series – 2SBN, (d, 2SBN) x3, 1SBN = 15SBN
13th Series-15SBN
14th Series-(4SBN, d) x3 = 18SBN
15-16th Series – 18SBN
17th Series-(1SBN, UB) x6 = 12SBN
Beat the foot (the top is loose).
18th Series-6ub = 6SBN

4. Ears

Knit in dark brown color.

The 1st row-6SBN in the ring Amigurumi.
2nd row – 6PR = 12SBN
3rd row – (1SBN, D) x6 = 18SBN
4th Row – (5SBN, d) x3 = 21bn
5-7th Series – 21SBN
8th Series-(5SBN, UB) x3 = 18SBN
9-12nd Series – 18SBN
13th Series-(4SBN, UB) x3 = 15SBN
14-15th Series – 15SBN
16rjad – (3SBN, ub) x3 = 12SBN
17th Series-12SBN
18th Series-6ub = 6SBN
Tie two pieces.

5. The tail

Start to knit in dark brown color.
The 1st row-6SBN in the ring Amigurumi.
2nd row-D, 5SBN = 7SBN
3rd row – 3sbn, d, 3SBN = 8SBN
4th row-Go to knitting with the main color-PR, 7SBN = 9SBN
5-7th Series – 9SBN

6. Neck

16 The EAP is closed in the ring.
1-2nd series – Spiral 16sbn


Sew the neck to the head, the initial row of the neck facing the head. The front of the neck is stitched between the 10th and the 11th side, counting from the spout. Sew The bead's eyes, bringing the thread into the neck hole. A little tighten, drowned eyes. Repeat for the second eye.

Sew the ears to the head, pre-reconsiling them and finding the most attractive position.

Sew the head to the torso (between the 3rd and 4th near the center of the chest), placing it not straight, but a little with a turn in one direction. Sew a ponytail. Make the tabs on the buttons. First you need to find a place of fastening. Attach the paws on the scissors pins, twist them and find the right place for sewing. The front legs are sewn approximately in the 8th row of the center of the chest, the rear-in the 8th from the center of the back.

To Sew Paws It is necessary in pairs on a scheme strong NERASTJAGIVAJUSHHEJSJA thread (cotton, sometimes recommend a dental floss). Fasten the thread in one of the points, then hold it several times through the buttons and then fasten under one of the feet, the tip to hide inside.

From polymer clay brown color to make a suitable size spout, bake it and paste. If desired, the spout can be embroidered.

Acrylic paints draw specks on the backside and paws of the dog.


Cut a piece of skin about 9 cm long. From a piece of a wire or a metal pin to twist with the help of pliers a buckle. Put the belt in the buckle, attach the pendant on the ring. Try on the puppy collar, glue the collar around the dog so that the buckle was outside, and a loose ponytail a little sticking.

And she goes for a walk with Anjutoj!

All Good knitting!

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  1. Posted by Jillwilson8, at

    Love the clay nose! I’m curious how you attached it so it wouldn’t come off? Just wanted to make it would be safe if I made it for baby. thanks!