How to Knit Corners of Shelves or Collars

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How to knit corners of shelves or collars 

Angle 1
Vyvyazvajut in One Direction (Fig. 1), from the edge of the product. At calculation of loops of a shelf in it include loops of a lath.
Linking a few centimeters of the edge of the product (for example, pay), distribute the number of loops on the bar and shelf. A lath knit a finishing pattern, a shelf-basic.

Angle 2
Vyvyazvajut from the outside of the product (Fig. 2). It looks beautiful, uncomplicated in performance, but is complex in calculating loops.
Calculation of loops do at once on all furnish of a product: Edge, lath and angles. Calculate loops on a pattern on which mark the average loop of a corner and in each. The face row of three loops together (Fig. 4), on the reverse side of the product knit on the figure.
Having finished knitting of a finishing strip, start knitting of a shelf the basic pattern on that number of loops which is required for performance of its width (depending on a pattern sometimes number of loops change).
Loops of a lath it is possible to close, and then to sew to the finished shelf. It is possible to leave loops of a lath on a spoke with a scaffold and at knitting of shelves consistently to tie together 2 extreme loops (one-from a lath, another-from a shelf). Thus a shelf connects to a lath.
The angle picture can be changed: on the front side of the product the central loop of the corner to tie the front, and the edges of it-2 loops together; To the central two together the front crossed, after the central two facial. On the reverse side of the product loops to tie on the figure.
Angle 3
They are knitted from the outer side with the Ajourom (Fig. 5). The calculation of loops and the sequence of execution of the finishing strip are similar to the corner 2.
The openwork corner is knitted out of 5 loops. On the front side of the product are two loops together face crossed, scum, 1 face (Central), scum, 2 loops together front. On a reverse party of a product knit as follows: 2 loops (a scale and a loop) put together a front, 1 loop (Central)-Reverse, 2 loops (a scale and a loop) together obverse. Continue knitting to the desired width of the finishing strip.
Angle 4
They are knitted from the inside of the part (Fig. 6). On the board of the connected shelf and the bottom of the product are gaining loops. Having defined a central loop of a corner, from both its sides on a face of a product do addition of loops, i.e. a scum.
On a reverse party of a product of a scale projazvajut on drawing, crossing them. So knitting to the necessary width of a finishing strip.
You can also touch the scale of the picture without crossing them. In this case the angle is obtained with the openwork stripe. At the end of vyvtying the finishing strip loops close, do not pulling them.
Angle of 5
Carry out shortened rows with an ajourom (Fig. 6). The number of loops for desirable width of a finishing strip (for example: 8 loops + 2 edge) and carry out a platin pattern are gaining. The length of a finishing strip on a pattern should be equal to width of a shelf. Then start to Vyvyazuju a corner.
In each lyceum row of a finishing strip do not torture on 1 loop. So knit until there is 1 loop on the spokes. Then start to include in work on 1 loop until all loops of a finishing strip are included. Then the angle will be finished.
To loops of a lath on edge of a finishing strip (on pigtails) again dial the necessary number of loops for a shelf. They continue knitting shelves with the basic pattern on a pattern and laths a pattern of a finishing strip.
Angle 6
Rounded (Fig. 7). On a pattern put a line of the rounded board. Knitting perform strictly on this line.
Linking shelf, on the edge of the product again gaining loops for the strap, angle and bottom of the product. On a rounded place of a shelf of a loop it is necessary to dial with surplus (that not calmed the product), and then all finishing strip to carry out as edge of the product with Podgibom.


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