Amigurumi Doll Lisa Free Pattern

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Amaguumi Doll Lisa

Amigurumi Doll 300x300 Amaguumi doll licking 20cm

Yarn: Green, yellow, red, black (Adelia Tina); Pink, turquoise, lilac (Kartopu bebe).

Hook № 3

Eyes-Crystal black d = 10mm

As knitting, all the details, except the handles, are stuffed with a synth.

Conditional Ojuoznachenija:

X-Column Jukh scale

V-Add 1 loop

O-Air loop

W-Add 2 loops

And-Lower 1 loop



1.6X (6)

2.6V (12)

3. XV * 6 (18)

4.2XV * 6 (24)

5.3XV * 6 (30)

6 – 12. 30X (30)

13.3xa * 6 (24)

14.2xa * 6 (18)

15. XA * 6 (12)

Eyes lock in the 11th row: 12X Eye 6X Eye 12X


Sew the yellow yarn along the diameter line, dividing the four circles in half

The needle with double-strand yarn is put into the hole from inside the head between the 11th and 12th circle at a distance of 3X from the hole for the eye.

Put the needle in the first stroke of the stitch, return to the hole between the 11th and 12th Circle and back the needle.

Then put the needle into the hole from inside the head between the 14th and 15th circle at a distance of 1x from the hole between the 11th and 12th, force the needle into the second stroke.

Return to the hole between the 14th and the 15th circle and return the needle to it.

Remove the needle in the adjacent hole from the inside of the head, put the needle in the third bar stitch, etc.

Sew part of the right side of the head, do the same with the left part. Then sew the back part.

Hair 11 100x100 Amgurumi doll licked 21 100x100 Amaguumi doll licked 31 100x100 Amaguumi doll licking 41 100x100 Amgurumi Doll Lisa


Cut 12 pieces of yellow yarn with a length of 15cm. Tie them in the middle of a yellow thread. Braid the braid. Push the ends of the thread into the holes between the posts on the head and tie off the back side.


Put the red thread in the holes between the eyes. The distance between the holes 2х, sew to the bottom row. Tie the ends on the back side



1.12X (12)

2.2XV * 4 (16)

3 – 8. 16X (16)



1.18X (18)

2.2XV * 6 (24)

3.3XV * 6 (30)


1.18X (18)

2.3xa3x (7) work with half trunk

3-13.7X (7)

Retreat 1 Loop from the first leg and knit the second one just as the first


1.6X (6)

2. Skip one loop, in the 2nd loop knit 6 x, skip the 3rd and 4th loops, in the 5th knit 6 x, 6 miss (12)

3.2x2v8x (14)

4.4a6x (10)

5. xa7x (9)


Tie 4 chains to 15O. Twist each chain on both sides of the wheel, lock the thread. For each shoe sew two pairs of wheels.

Stretch the lilac thread through the 2X, cross it over the shoe and force inside, the ends tie.

Tie the shoe to the foot with a turquoise thread in the opposite direction. Since the shoe is more than a leg on two loops, when podvyazivanii in the 4th and 7th loop legs knit V.

Tie the skirt to the legs with a green thread

Tie the torso to the skirt with a pink thread. Since the skirt is larger than the trunk on two loops, when podvyazivanii in the 8th and 16th loops of the torso knit V.


1 – 2. 6X (6)

3.1 column with two 5X (6)

4 – 7. 6X (6)

8.6X (Pink)

9.2A (Pink)

Sew the handles and head to the torso.

Knee pads

1.6X (6)

2.6V (12)

3.6O, round a leg, tie to a circle.

Elbow Pads

1.6X (6)

2.4O, round the handle, tie to the circle.


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