Amigurumi Dog Key Chain

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In recent years, it has become a good tradition to knit small (however, big ones too!) Souvenirs - symbols of the year.

As you know, the symbol of 2018 will be the Dog. And this means that very soon all handicraft groups and communities, all blogs of needlewomen will be full of various dogs.

And, as practice shows, it's better not to wait for an hour X, then in the rush to not knit the first thing that comes under the arm. Prepare for the holidays in advance. And for the nervous system it's better, and for the hamster needlework is more useful - start right now and by the New Year you will have time to connect not one liked souvenir. Have time to try all the vending master classes)).

I decided to make my contribution to the puppy-dog handicraft BOOM and offer you a video master class on knitting a bright trinket-doggy crochet.

The original master class in Turkish can be viewed here .

The dog is knitting quite simply and requires a little time for knitting, and the result will undoubtedly please you! These bright puppies can not help but like it!

Photos of your ready-made trinkets can be shown right here, in the comments, or on the wall of my group "Toy Factory" on Facebook . I will be happy with your photo-reports - it's always very nice))

Enjoy your knitting!


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