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 Autumn is still reigning in the courtyard, but many of us are already seriously thinking about the upcoming New Year holidays. And not in vain, because we do not have time to blink an eye, and Santa Claus is already knocking at the door. Therefore, all the nuances of preparing for the holiday need to think now. For example, about gifts.

As you know, 2013 will be held under the symbol of the Snake. Therefore, souvenir toys in the form of a snake are the most popular.

Today we will show you a master class in which the progress of the toy is described in detail: 

In order to make such a snake, you will need a No. 1 hook, light-brown iris threads, toy eyes and a little hard wire for the frame.

The toy will be knit from the body. To do this, we collect 50 air loops (photo 2), and then knit 5 rows of single crochet columns, not forgetting to knit 1 air loop at the beginning of each new row for lifting to the next row.

Next, gently connect the opposite long edges of the resulting "ribbon" and tie them together.


Close one of the ends of the body so that it turned out to be pointed. This will be the tip of the tail.

 Now we will knit your head. To do this, we recapture air loops, but in smaller quantities - 5-6 pieces.

 We close the chain in the ring (photo 6), and then we begin to spiral knit the crochet without crochet.


In each row we make one increase so that the knitting does not curl too much

We knit 5-6 rows in this way, after which we make “eye sockets”. We knit them according to the following scheme: 5 air loops, 1 semi-column in the third loop from the hook, again 5 air loops, and again 1 semi-column in the third loop from the original one.


Next, we knit, as usual, but slowly slackening the loop, to get the head of a snake. At the end we leave a small hole (photo 10) in order to fill the toy with a padding polyester through it. We tie up to the end, closing the hole.

We attach toy "eyes" to "eye sockets".

Next, sew the torso to the head, and then pass through the whole body and part of the head with hard wire so that the snake keeps its shape.


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