Amigurumi Plush Basket

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Good day friends! 
I have a little pleasure for you - suddenly it is useful 
to contact doche for important girly detail here such hare basket 
Sharing description, it is very simple, will manage all! 
Knit with pleasure and please little princesses! I think they will not remain indifferent, because the basket was cute and soft leaves 
Well, me hearts of works pour 

plush baskets "Bunny" 

Yarn Himalaya Dolphin Baby 
Hook number 4 
scissors, a needle with a wide eye. 

vp - air loop 
ss - connecting bar 
sbn - single crochet column ssn - double 
crochet column
pssn - polabolik with a cape 
pr - an increase 

We will not knit in a spiral, and rows! At the end of each row, we will make the connecting stub in the first sbn row (NOT in the air loop, but in the column), begin a new row with the air loop and sbn in the loop immediately. 
1 p. 8sbn in SC 
2r. 8pr (16sbn) 3r 
. (sbn, pr) * 8 (24sbn) 
4p. (2sbn, pr) * 8 (32sbn) 
5p. (3sbn, pr) * 8 (40sbn) 
6p. (4sbn, pr) * 8 (48sbn) 
Begin to knit walls: 
7p. For rear half loops 
48sbn 8-14r. 48sbn (7vyadov) 
15r. SS in each loop (it turned out the binding of the edge). Thread cut, tighten and hide inside the basket. 

1p. 6sbn in SC 
2r. 6pr (12sbn) 3r 
. 12sbn
4p. 6ub (6sbn) + ss 
Cut and tighten the thread. 

1p. Dial a chain of 9vp, into the 4th loop from the hook of the PR from 2nd, then tie the chain on both sides - 2nd, psn, sbn, etc. from 3bc into one loop, nbsp, 2cn, etc. from 3cn into one loop. 
2p. 3pr from 2sbn, 2sbn, 7ss, 2sbn, 3pr from 2sbn, ss. Thread tighten, cut and hide. 

Sew to the basket ears and tail, decorate as desired!

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