Giraffe Amigurumi Crochet

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For knitting toys we will need:

- a yarn of 2 colors - bright yellow and brown; 
- hook - the choice depends on the thickness of the yarn; 
- needle and brown thread; 
- Ready eyes, if any, or beads; 
- scissors; 
- as well as what we will fill the toy - cotton wool or sintepon.

First of all we knit the main large elements of the toy. 
We knit the head with the neck of the giraffe according to scheme 1. To do this, we will use a yarn of bright yellow color. 
Next we knit the front part of the muzzle with the help of the circuit 2 of the same yarn.

Then we proceed to knitting the torso according to scheme 3, as before, yarns of bright yellow color. 
After that, we knit 4 identical legs of the giraffe, using the scheme 4. Start with a brown yarn and knit it with 3 rows, then continue to knit yarns bright yellow. Pay attention, in the last 14th row we knit not the entire row, but only 4 stitches.

Also, similarly, we knit the tail according to scheme 5, starting from brown and continuing bright yellow. 
Then go to knitting the horns with the help of the scheme. 6. We knit the same way: the first 4 rows begin to knit with brown and finish with a bright yellow color. 
Scheme 7 shows how to knit ears. We knit only in bright yellow.

After the main elements have been connected, we make stains, a nose and a mane of brown yarn. Scheme 8 shows how to knit stains, in Scheme 9 - mane, in Scheme 10 - spout. For the mane we knit 4 identical elements, for spots - 9, a spout, naturally, 1.

Having finished knitting the main parts, we begin to fill and assemble them. Sew the front part of the muzzle, horns and ears, which turn off the tube, to the head, also neck to the trunk, legs and tail. Then sew a brown nose to the front of the muzzle and form with the help of thread and needle mouth. We sew or glue eyes on the sides of the head. Also we sew the mane to the neck and spots on the neck and the body of the giraffe. More details on how to do this can be seen in the pictures.

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