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I knit them from thin mohair with knitting needles and crochet. I will not write the exact numbers, since there are none, the seals are of different sizes and build, depending on the idea. 
I start knitting from the trunk (from the neck to the lower abdomen), adding on both sides at the edges of the loop, until they are 2 times larger than the edge (if you need a cat with a tummy thick, then even more)

When the tummy is knitted, I make a decrease in each row, diminishing every 5, th, then 4th, 3rd, etc., until 3-4 loops remain, which I close. I make a seam in the center of the back, stuffing detail

The head knits similarly (from the back of the head to the face), then I collect the part onto the thread along the edge, stuff it and sew it to the body, inserting a double wire between them

I tie the ears and muzzle on the details of the head, the ears crochet, the muzzle - knitting

Then I make an utyazhka on the face and embroider a spout

Paws and tail knit crochet and then sew, after making a wire frame

I fluff a fur coat, glue in my eyes, if there is a need, tint a little and the cat is ready)

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