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This can be used as a toy, and 
tack ••• 

"GIRAF". Description: Nelly Shisterova] 
Such a giraffe will amuse your baby with funny tales and grimaces. Acrylic yarn 300m / 100g, hook No. 2.1 We start to knit with a spout. 1 p. Dial a chain of 8 VP, starting with the second loop from the loop, knit ave, 5 sbn, 3sbn into the last loop, continue to knit on the second side of chain 6 sbn. We do not close a row, we do not knit a lift. (16) 2r. 2pr, 5sbn, 3 pr, 5sbn, pr (22) 3 p . (1b, pr) * 2 times, 5b, (1b, pr) * 3 times, 6b, pr (28) 4p. (2sbn, pr) * 2 times, 5 sbn, (2sbn, pr) * 3 time, 7sbn, ave. (34) 5p. 3sbn, pr, 16sbn, pr, 13sbn (36) 6p. 4sbn, pr, 17sbn, pr, 13sbn (38) 

7r. 5sbn, pr, 18sbn, pr, 13sbn (40) 
8r. 5sbn, pr, 19sbn, pr, 14sbn (42) 
9r. 6sbn, pr, 20 sbn, pr, 14sbn (44) 
10r. 7sbn, pr, 21sbn, pr, 14sbn (46) 
If you are too narrow, make a couple more rows with 2 increments, if wide for your hand, you can remove several rows with increments. 
Next, we knit in a spiral without increments or subtracts just sbn. 
In the course of knitting we try on our own hand, until we reach the place. where your thumb starts, it's about 20 rows. 

Lower jaw 
1p. We collect 5 VP, starting from 2 from the hook loop pr, 2sbn, 3sbn to the last, continue to knit on the other side of the chain 3sbn. (10) 
2p. 2pr, 2sbn, 3pr, 2sbn, pr (16) 
3p. (1b, pr) * 2 times, 2b, (1b, pr) * 3 times, 3b, pr (22)
4p. 2sbn, pr, 10sbn, pr, 8sbn (24) 
5p. 3sbn, pr, 11sbn, pr, 8sbn (26) 
6p. 3sbn, pr, 12sbn, pr, 9sbn (28) 7 p 
. 4sbn, pr, 13sbn, pr, 9sbn (30) 
8r. 5 sbn, pr, 14sbn, pr, 9sbn (32) 
Then we continue to knit (if you did not expand the main part) without increments, simply sbn in a spiral. 
We try on the length of our thumb, for example, 10 rows. 
If you have a different yarn or size, then you yourself change the width and height for your hand. 
Further the number of loops does not matter. 
To complete vyzanie the lower jaw to the side. 
We put the finished parts to each other, and we connect them together, tying two parts at once. 
Next, continue to knit in a circle, moving from one detail to another.
And so we knit in a circle without additions and reductions to the desired length. 
Make sure that the chosen direction of knitting does not change the pattern to the wrong side. 

1p. 6sbn in the ring amigurumi 
2p. 6pr (12) 
3p. (1b, pr) * 6 times (18) 
4-6 p. 18sbn 
7r. (1sbn, ub) * 6 times (12) 
8p. (4sbn, ub) * 2 times (10) 
Change color 
9-12p. 10 sbn 

1p. 6sbn in the ring amigurumi 
2p. (1b, pr) * 3 times (9) 
3p. 9sbn 
4r. (2sbn, pr) * 3 times (12) 
5p. 12sbn 6r 
. (3sbn, pr) * 3 times (15) 
7p. 15sbn 
8r. (4sbn, pr) * 3 times (18) 
9r. 18 Sat 
10r. (5sbn, pr) * 3 times (21) 
11p. 21 sat
12r. (6sbn, pr) * 3 times (24) 
13p. 24sb 
14r. (7sbn, pr) * 3 times (27) 
15p. 27sbn 
Fold in half "boat" 

1p. / black / 6sbn a ring amigurumi 
2p. / white / 6pr (12) 
3p. (3sbn, pr) * 3 times (15) 
Sew, slightly stuffing along the way. Embroider glare. 

Make out the muzzle. Embroider the nostrils. 

1r. 6sbn ring 
2p. 6pr (12) 
3p. (1sbn, pr) * 6 times (18) 

Cut the pieces of thread and tie each one along the "ridge" into 2 knots. 


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