Mini Dress Free Pattern

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Sizes: 34/36, 38/40 and 42-44. 
The data for the size 38/40 are shown in parentheses (), for the size of 42/44-in double brackets (()). 
If only one value is specified, it applies to all 3 dimensions. 
Dress Length: approx. 88-90 cm. 
You will need: 
550 (550) (600)) G yarn Type LINIE 11 ALPHA from Online color salmon number 98 (100% Cotton, 104 m/50 g); Long and short circle. Spokes № 3, 5-4. 
Openwork pattern: Number of loops multiple 10. 
In a circle. Ranks knit according to the scheme. 
Repeat from the 1st to the 4th round. R. 
Main pattern: 
Persons. Surface: Persons. P.-Persons. P., N. R.-Izn. P. 
Density of Knitting: 
For both patterns: 22 P. and 32 R./Circle. P. = 10 x 10 cm. 
Backrest and before: 
Dial 200 (220) ((240)) p. Double Cross set, work close to the circle and immediately start with the 1st circle. P. openwork pattern = 20 (22) ((24)) rapports. 
After about 22 cm = 68 circle. P. openwork pattern work on the transition circle. P. And in the middle of the details divided; Before and back continue on 100 (110) ((120)) p. Main pattern already straight rows. 
For lateral Skosov on both sides in each 16th p. reduce 9 x 1 p.: 
At the beginning of the series after Chrome. 1 person. P., then 2 p. Together persons., at the end of the row before the 4th and 3rd p. Get together persons. Stretch (= Remove 1 p. as persons., 1 persons. P. and stretch it through removed p.), 1 persons. P., Krom. = 82 (92) ((102)) n. 
To reduce the Reglan through 48 cm of the main pattern on both sides to close 1 x 5 (6) ((7)) p., in each 2nd p. still reduce 6 x (7x) ((8x)) 1 p., as described above. 
The remaining 60 (66) ((72)) of the P. Postpone. 
Before or back to this level perform similarly. 
Dial 62 (65) ((68)) p. Double cross-shaped set, reach 1. Number of P., then knit straight to the height of the main pattern. 
After 16 cm of the total length, perform the decrease of the Reglan as described for the backrest. 
The remaining 40 (39) ((38)) of the P. Postpone. 
Assembly of Parts: 
For round yoke all postponed loops to place on long circular spokes and on 200 (210) ((220)) p. Knit on a circle openwork pattern, thus loops to distribute so that distribution of a pattern with openwork furnish on a front detail was identical. 
It is possible to have several more persons. P. Reach the beginning of the circle. P. And the beginning of the circle. Number of the note (behind the Reglane seam). 

Through 13 (13) ((14)) cm = 41 (41) ((45)) circle. P openwork pattern to continue the faces. and start to diminish. 
In the 1st circle. P. M. P. 3 p. Together persons.: Before the N. Remove the P. As persons. and individuals. P. Bring people together. And the received loop to stretch through removed = 160 (168) ((176)) n. 
In the 3rd round. P. Such a decrease repeat in the same place = 120 (126) ((132)) n. 
Loops close Double thread by doing 1 circle. P. purl. 
Perform a reglane seam, then the side seams and seams of the sleeves

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