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Those who are not familiar with the latest fashion trends, with the phrase "takes, connected with knitting needles," will surely frown and regard this creation as "grandmother's old." But for real fashionistas who follow the latest trends in the beauty industry, handmade berets become a real find. There is no woman to whom a beret would not fit, there are those who cannot choose and wear them.

These beautiful hand made accessories can completely transform the style, give it a light French chic, lightheadedness of a real artist. Turn any woman into a charming coquette. 
Takes from sorana_knitwear


On the spokes №3,5 dial 100п + 1п (for circuit in a circle). 
We knit 10p rubber band 1 * 1. 
Go to the spokes number 4, 5. 
Knit facial 1 row. Next we split the circle into sections (1 section = 10p). Only 10 sections. You may have 9/8 sections ..., depending on the number of loops dialed initially. 
Next, knit 9 faces. P., From 10 loops knit +1 from the previous row and the 10th loop itself. Total in this section 11petel. Continue as well knit the whole circle. 
Further a circular front row without increments. 
And we continue to alternate the row with the increments and the row without the increments until such time as each section is 18petels. This part is complete next to the additions. 
Further 4 circular rows without increments. 
Then we begin to decrease in the rows added to the mirror. 
Tobish through the row we reduce the number of loops in each section by 1p. 
We continue to knit until 10n (1n from each section) remains on the needles, if you have 9 sections, then 9 n and so on will remain. Next, diminish in each row until 4p remains, of which we will knit “pimpka”. We knit it in the same way as a lace of 4 loops; its height is regulated by the number of rows. We are closing. Hide the tips and voila! 

Do not forget to save your money in order not to lose.

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