Knitting Bolero Free Pattern

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Bolero Size: 36-40 
You will need: yarn (77% Cotton, cashmere, 8% Polyester Ministry 175 m/50 g) — 350 g of plum; Spokes 4.5; Long Circular Needles IU 4; 1 Set of stockings Spoke me 4. 
Pattern 1: Braid pattern (Number of loops Multiple 42 + B + 2 Kromokri) = Knit SOGL. Schema. On it are given Facial ranks, in the purl ranks 
Loops to tie on the figure. Start with 1 crown, perform 2 times, finish the loop- After the Raport and 1 crown. Constantly repeating the 1st-36th series. 
Pattern 2: Elastic band = Circular Series (Number of loops multiple 4). Constantly To tie alternately two faces- 2 Purls. 
Density of Knitting: pattern 1-30.5, 5 p. X 31 r. = 10x10 cm. 
Attention: Bolero knit across A single cloth, starting and 
In the middle of the backrest. Arrow On the pattern of the direction of knitting. 
Job Description: Dial on Spokes 92 Loop and Knit pattern 1. Through 140 cm = 432 series from the initial Series to leave all the loops. 
Assembly: Left Loops sewn With the initial range of knitted The middle of the backrest (the The same icons on the cut-out (CI). Right Side edge sew on Medium 44 cm and on both sides of the them leave by 13 cm open For armholes. For sleeves dial on Hosiery spokes on the edge of each Holes, starting at the seam, by 64 loops -16 p. On the spokes), close in 2.ring and Knit pattern Through 35 cm from the beginning of knitting sleeves Close to the hole for the pain Finger in the corresponding Place on the inside of the hand 6 loops and in the next round Dial again. After 8 cm From the hole for the thumb Close all loops on the figure. For Straps dial on circular spokes 
On the left side edge of the Bolero 324 Loop and Knit pattern 2. When Width 8 cm Close all Loops on the figure. 

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