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In winter, sometimes you want something new. Looking at the black-gray-white landscape outside the window, we begin to want the appearance of something bright in our life, be it the sun in the sky or a bright thing in the wardrobe. 

I suggest you update one (and maybe several) old mug. When you look at it, your mood will rise, and the tea from such a mug will be even more warming.

So, we will need:
- Mug (glass in my case, but you can take porcelain, monophonic or color - as you like more). 

- The yarn is of bright color (no matter what, the main thing is that you like it). 

- Hook or knitting needles, who on what can knit. I can only crochet, so I take it. 

- A few beautiful buttons. 

Measure the circumference of the cup and the distance under the handle (the width of the handle). 

Knit this figure:

The narrow part should be placed under the handle of the cup. 

The wide part from the bottom can reach the bottom of the mug, and from above you can make it at your discretion - the main thing is to drink from the mug. The narrow part should go a little wide.

At the end of the narrow part we knit 2-3 loops, according to your desire and the width of the handle. We dress this "fur coat" on a mug, combine the narrow and wide parts, and mark the place for the buttons. We remove, we sew buttons on a marking. 

If desired, the mug can be decorated with any other elements, such as a scarf. 

The main thing is that all this is easily removed when the time comes to wash the dishes.


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