Amigurumi Cat with a Bow Tie

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I will knit 55% cotton Alize cottongold Crochet № 1.75
In the choice of colors and composition of yarn, self, I do not limit you, rely on your creative taste.

Knit two details. Start with color 1 (I have beige)
1r. 6SBN in the ring Amigurumi
Say 6PR (12)
3r. * 1SBN, D * 6 times (18)
4-5 18 PRs in a circle
Change color to Main color 2 (white)
and knit another 31 series on 18SBN.
Finishing the first leg, the thread presious. When the second leg is finished, the thread does not break, the body will continue to knit this thread.

Continue to Knit color 2 (white) the same thread that finished the second leg. Combine the legs in such a way that the transition of the color at the bottom of the legs was either inside or on the back. I have made a few more bars so that the beginning of the series is on the side (marked with an orange thread)
1r. 9SBN first leg, 18SBN second leg, 9 PRs first leg (36)
2-4 R. 36 PRs in a circle
Change yarn to Color 3 (pink)
5p 36 PRs in a circle
6r.! Behind the back wall! 36 PRs in a circle (here will skirt to be tied on this row) further knit for both walls.
7r. * UB, 16SBN * 2 times (34)
8r. * UB, 15SBN * 2 times (32)
9-22 R. 32 PRs in a circle (14rjadov)
23r. * UB, 14SBN * 2 times (30)
24r. 30 PRs in a circle
25r. * 3SBN, UB * 6 times (24)
26-27 R. 24sbn in a circle
28r. * 2SBN, UB * 6 times (18)
Leave a thread for sewing.

1r. 6SBN in the ring Amigurumi
Say 6PR (12)
3r. * 1SBN, D * 6 times (18)
4r. * 2SBN, D * 6 times (24)
5p * 3SBN, D * 6 times (30)
6r. * 4SBN, D * 6 times (36)
7r. * 5SBN, D * 6 times (42)
8r. * 6SBN, D * 6 times (48)
9r. * 7SBN, D * 6 times (54)
10r. * 8SBN, D * 6 times (60)
11r. * 9SBN, D * 6 times (66)
12-16 R. 66 PRs in a circle (5rjadov)
17r. * 9SBN, UB * 6 times (60)
18r. * 8SBN, UB * 6 times (54)
19r. * 7SBN, UB * 6 times (48)
20r. * 6SBN, UB * 6 times (42)
21r. * 5SBN, UB * 6 times (36)
22r. * 4SBN, UB * 6 times (30)
23r. * 3SBN, UB * 6 times (24)
24r. * 2SBN, UB * 6 times (18)
to the body.

Ears (2detali)
1r. 4SBN in the ring Amigurumi
Say 4PR (8)
3r. * 3SBN, D * twice (10)
4r. * 4SBN, D * twice (12)
5p * 5SBN, D * 2 times (14)
6r. * 6SBN, D * 2 times (16)
7r. * 7SBN, D * 2 times (18)
8r. * 8SBN, D * 2 times (20)
9r. 20 PRs in a circle. Leave a ponytail, sew to the head.

Further knit skirt
The most, perhaps, uncomfortable and difficult stage, as for me.
The color of the dress (or skirts, if it has an hour of another color will be)
We find striped, which remained where we knitted a row behind the back wall. Fasten the thread to the side or back as you prefer. I started on the side, where the beginning of the series was, there is visible Gap series. I took the kitty upside down to knit the front outside.
and knit on this panties of 36 loops (so many columns were in this row)
1r. * 5SBN, D * 6 times (42)
Say * 6SBN, d * 6 times (48)
3-9 R. 48 PRS vet Krug (7rjadov)
The length of the skirts can be adjusted at its discretion, provjazav more or less rows of 48 PRS.
The last row I processed lobster step. In the original skirt without edging, so decide for yourself, as you prefer.

Start with white color
1r. to Dial 4 EAP, (knit on an oval) starting from the second from the hook loops: OL, 1SBN, 3SBN in the last loop, continue to knit on the second side of the chain of 1SBN, 1SBN to the one with which began. Turned Ovalchik from 8SBN.
Further knit in a spiral, as usual
Say 2PR, 1SBN, 3PR, 1SBN, PR (14)
3-4 R 14 PRs in a circle
Change color
5-32 R. 14sbn in a circle (28rjadov)
Sew the hands flat to the penultimate row of the body

In the photo of the original is not visible tail, but I assumed that it is there.
1r. 6SBN in the ring Amigurumi
Say 6PR (12)
3-28 R. 12 PRs in a circle (26rjadov)
Sew the tail flat under the skirted to the last white row

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