Amigurumi Sweet Dog Free Pattern

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Material :

Light of wool (beige, black, light blue)
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I knit it in the Crochet 6 issue with the yarn of about light. Please match the numbering of the crochet needle to the thickness of the yarn to be used.I think that knitting is different depending on the type of thread and the person knitting, but approve it.

◆ Head ◆ 
First row: Tighten the wheel with a small stitch 5 in the wheel. 

2nd step: fine stitches in each fine stitch 10 
3 to 7 stages: no increase / decrease 
8th step: increasing number 5, fine stitching 5 with fine stitching 15

Ninth to tenth rows: No increase / decrease 
11th step: increment 10, narrow stitch 5 with fine stitches 25 
12 to 13 stages: no increase / decrease 
14th step: (fine stitch 3, strike 1) × 5 20 

15th stage: No increase or decrease

16th row: (fine edition 2, subtractive 1) × 5 and fine stitch 15. 

17th row: (fine stitch 1, declination 1) × 5 and fine stitch 10. Stuff cotton. 

18th row: narrow stitch with decrement 5 5. Close the part where you slightly opened the thread with a needle thread.

◆ Nose ◆

Knitting a small knit into a ring with black thread Tighten the wheel and tighten the wheel. Leave the pulled thread longer at the first knitting and cut.

◆ Ear ◆
2nd row: tighten the ring with fine 6 in the loop. 
2nd step: increment to each fine knitting 
3rd to 7th step: no increase / decrease 
8th step: ( fine 4, reduction 1) × 2. Leave the withdrawal thread for a long time

Pay attention to the direction of the head (the forehead is the forehead) Sew the black nose to the nose of the head, temporarily fix with the gore needle while looking at the balance and sew the ear. Completion of the face when sewing the eye button.

◆ Body ◆ 
First row: Beige to tighten the ring with the 

stitch 7 in the loop 2nd stage: fine stitches in each narrow stitch 14 
Third stage: 3 (story 1, increment 1) × 7 Structure No. 21 
4 to 5th row: No increase or decrease
6th to 16th row: Change thread to light blue No change 

17th step: Change thread to beige 
Increase / Decrease None 18th step: (stitch 1, reduction 1) × 7 and narrow stitch 14. 
19th row: No increase or decrease. Stuff cotton.
20th row: Reduction 7 and narrow section 7th. Leave the withdrawal thread longer and close the opening slightly opened with a needlebut needle. The body of the image has more brown parts than the recipe, but the work has changed.

◆ limbs ◆
4th 1st row: Beige to tighten the ring with 

fine 5 in the ring 2nd step: fine stitches in each narrow stitch 10 
3 ~ 4th step: no increase / decrease 
5 to 6th step: No change with light blue

Temporarily fix the head to the body with the gore needle and sew it by looking at the balance. The knitting end portion of the body (where it was covered with a binding needle) becomes the chest

Firmly cotton is stuffed to the end of the hands and feet, so as to match the light blue part with the light blue part of the body and pick up the fine stitch 1 stick one by one and sew it round. Sew it with knitting tail with chain knitting or cord knitting.

Completion of Dachshund 
I think that it is cute if you roll a ribbon around your neck 

Supplementary Appendix Because 
this Dachs is cheap, it will become a front sway if the balance is bad. As prevention measures I think that putting weights such as pellets and marbles etc. in the butt when filling the fuselage with cotton.

Source : https://atelier.woman.excite.co.jp/creation/1862.html?_s=m7e37j52f27k2fnl2c1lefmoq1#

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