Amigurumi Gray Bunny

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So far, the collection of eared not so many representatives. But Oliver has a girlfriend - Zayushka Yagodka
Meet you, Yagodka. Very kind, gentle and a little shy baby. Zaya is very fond of nature and, in particular, summer. Because it is in the summer that her favorite berries of blueberries grow! She even begged to make a small ornament with blueberries and is now just happy! If you love beauty, then Berry is just for you! 

Zaya is tied in a soft mohair, which makes it look alive! The head, arms and legs are mobile. The eyes are glass. Tinted with artistic pastels. 

The collar and head bandage are removed. The baby does not like to stand, lean. But he sits alone very well.

Miniature berry, collectible toy. Dimensions 12.5 cm, including the ears. 

Not intended for children! 

Delivery around the world. Are there any more questions left? I will gladly answer them. 

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