Amigurumi Miniature Bear Knit Crout

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About this handmade work
This bear is palm-sized, but not just limbs but also the neck. I bought lots of spring color cotton threads, so I tried to wear it colorfully.

President Cotton 4 colorsReasonable amount
Decoration button 8 mm (eye) Dark color2 pieces
Decoration button 8 mm (clothes) color2 pieces
Clear button 8 mm (limb)Four
Clear button 10 mm (head)1 piece
Cotton thread (sturdy one) white, blackReasonable amount
Acrylic cottonReasonable amount

Crocs 4 and 3, stuffed needle (futon needle)

Head No. 4, ears and nose use No. 3 needle. We knit the parts like a knitting diagram. (Small braids with blanks without increase / decrease) Stuff cotton firmly in the head firmly, and keep the thread of the knitting finished without stopping it as it is.

Please make a face with reference to the picture. Eyes are not buttons but beads and embroidery are cute.

I knit a body. I will use No. 4 needle. While changing the color on the way, please knit as shown. Fill the cotton tightly and put a decorative button on.

I knit my legs. Only 3 steps from the start of knitting, we knit with the same color as the nose. Closing with knitting closes as shown in the figure. Loose the last chain knitting without tightening.

I knit an arm. It is the same way as a foot, but the first making is the fourth eye. You can cotton in your hand slightly.

Apply a clear button of 8 mm to the body. Try locating your hands and feet. Through many threads like the illustration, please attach strongly. At this time, if the cotton of the body is insufficient, the body collapses.

Cover the buttons of the limbs that had been loosened with the chain knitting, and we will squeeze the thread firmly and clean it out.

We knit the same thing with the ears and make it a tail. I will leave a long lasting knitting thread.

As shown in the picture, pass the 10 mm button through the thread. At this time still leave the thread loose.

Push the 10 mm button under the head and firmly squeeze the end of the head of the head. Tighten the thread threaded through the button from the buttocks, turn around the tail and stop it.

Completion is done after doing the yarn edges! Because the head is connected only with threads through the buttons, it turns in the direction you like. It is a point to keep the thread firmly so as not to shake.
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