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Good afternoon, dear readers and needlewomen!

One of many favorite needlework topics are crocheted napkins. I like both simple interesting patterns of classic round napkins, and  unusual napkins .

So, unusual napkins in the form of beautiful ladies.

Nice napkin Lady will add charm and charm to your interior.

These unusual crocheted napkins are good as stand-alone original napkins decorated with knitted flowers and beads.

I found these pictures on I am always amazed at the prices at which these handmade goods are sold. It seems, because you can link it in such a simple and almost free way.

You can decorate them with a handkerchief, cloth, decorative pillow, headboard, make panels and paintings.

Remember, we liked the charming embroidered pictures with the look of a lady from Natalia Darda?

But you can crochet an elegant young lady and enclose her in a beautiful frame.

And yet the young lady can be tied in a circle or an appliqué crocheted on an unusual napkin, in the center of which there can be a heroine of Chekhov's story - a lady with a dog.

Outline of a lady with a dog .

The dog fits in quite simply with columns without a nakida in reverse rows, starting from the left side (from the tail).

Several knitted ladies gathered in a round dance.  Natalia Kovaleva presented us with a similar napkin for the contest .

Unusual crochet napkins. Scheme
I did not find many ladies napkin schemes on the Internet.

I will give three schemes by which you can figure it out.

And we'll take a look at one of the notes from Valya-Valentin magazine.

Crocheting an unusual Lady's napkin begins in an unusual way: we put the lady upside down and knit with the head, or rather, with a hat. By the way, almost all ladies napkins are so knit.

We collect 13 VP and knit three rows of columns with one crochet and VP between them.

Next, knit the field of the cap according to the scheme. We cut the thread.

Approximately on the 8th arochka of the last row of the cap, we attach the thread again and knit the upper part of the body with double crochets, then separate the arms and the lower part of the body.

Knitting the lower torso goes into knitting skirts, first according to scheme 1, then according to scheme 2.

All symbols you can see  here >> .  ( Triangle marked picot of three air loops ).

When knitting the 11th row, attach to the skirt of the hand.

I think that it is very simple and interesting to knit an unusual Lady’s napkin.

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