Long Cardigan with Fur Collar

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Long Cardigan With fur collar Size: 42/44 (48/50 in) 54/56 
For the size of 42/44 the numbers stand 
Before brackets, for size 
48/50-in parentheses, for size 
54/56 numbers are behind the brackets. 
If one number is All sizes. 
You will need: Yarn Ј (500/0 Wool, Polyacryl, Alpaca wool; To M, ' 50 g) – 600 (650) 700 g sand; Yarn 2 (74% Moker, 17% wool, Polyamide: 50 m/5o g) – 100 g 
Richnevoj; Spokes NQ 7 and 8; 1 per The button with a diameter of 35 mm. Pattern 1: platin-knit = face- and Purls ranks — the face- Loops. 
Pattern 2: Pearl pattern = 1 front, 1 purl, The pattern is offset by 1 loop in the Breakfas Home to the Lyceum row. Purl Rows of the loop knit on the figure. 
Pattern Z: Facial surface = Facial Series-facial loops, Iznanoch- Series are purls loops. 
Underline the right Edge: 1 Chrome, obverse, 2 loops Touch the face together; On Left edge: 2 loops to hang Along with a tilt left face- 1 Loop to remove the Knitting, 1 facial, then Removed loop stretch through 1 Facial, 1 chrome. 
Density of Knitting: 14 p. x 19.5, 4 p, = 1 x 10 cm, connected by pearl Pattern Backrest: Yarn 1 thread on Spokes NQ 7 Dial 80 (88) 96 loops and Tie the D cm for the platoch strap. 
Viscous, thus starting with the 1 Iznanochnogo series. Further, the a pearl pattern. Through 53.5 cm = 104 p. From the plank close 
On both sides for the scowls of the Reglan 1 x W P., then in each 2nd p. is underlined to reduce the 24 (27) 30 X 1 p. through 25.5 cm = 50 p. (28.5 cm = 56 R.) 31 "5 cm = 62 R. From the beginning 
The Reglan to close the remaining 26 (28) 30 p. Left shelf: Yarn thread 1 On the Spokes NQ 7 Dial 45 (49 in) 53 The hinges and tie the bar as on the Back. Further knit Pearl Pattern. Through 28.5 cm = 56 rows 
From the bottom strap to knit Platoch- Binding for the pocket strap On (11-31) 13-th p., on Hinges on the outside of the Must be knit with a pearl Rum. Through B cm strap pocket Close loops, rest loops Temporarily leave. For the Guilt pocket to dial 21 p. and Pro- Knit 15 cm facial smooth. For So move on the spokes loop Between the left loops and the Again knit pearl pattern At all 45 (49) 53 p. Skasa re- Glan on the right working edge Perform as on the backrest. One Temporarily with the 1st The Reglan to the left of the The barrel edge for the bevel cut 1 x 1 p., then in each 4th p. 8 x 1 P. and in each 2nd P. 7 (8) 9х 1 p. through 25.5 cm = 50 p. (28.5 cm = 56 R.) 31.5 m = 62 R. 
From the beginning of the bevel of the Reglan close Remaining 2 p. Right Shelf: Knit Simma- The left shelf, but with sheer button. To do this, 5 cm below the beginning of the cut 5-7 p. and the next Vixen series again to dial These loops. Sleeve: Thread yarn 1 on Spokes 7 Dial for each 36 (40) 44 The loop and the As on the backrest. Next Knit pearl pattern. For Bevel sleeves to add to both Parties in each 4th p. 3х 1 P. and In each 4th p. 10x 1 P. (In Breakfas House 4th p. 14x 1 P. and next 2-Mr. 1х1 P.) In the four-Mr. 12х 1 p. and 2-Mr. 5х1 P., Bavlennye loops include in pattern = 62 (70) 78 p. After 32 cm p. From the strap to perform the Glane like on the back. Through 25ђ cm = 50 p. (28.5 cm = 56 R.) 31.5 cm = 62 R. From the beginning of the scowls of the Reglan Close the remaining 8 (10) 12 p. 

Burlap Pocket Sew on the reverse side to the shelves. Run all seams. For the collar thread yarn 2 on Spokes NQ 8 dial 17 p. and knit Knitted. through to (90) 100 cm close all loops, when 
Need side edges Attach to the edge of the neck and 
Specify the length. Collar Sew into the neck, sew the button, 

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