Crochet V-Neck Blouse

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Clothes with their own hands-it's always original and economical. For almost every woman sewing and knitting have become an integral pastime, which always helps to replenish the wardrobe with new, interesting things. Especially handmade craft helps in the high season, when the everyday garments is not impressive for a long time, but at the same time, there is no sense to change it and do waste. That's exactly at such moments and it is worth to delight yourself with the updates of own production.
Connect Summer T-shirt spokes will be very easy and insanely exciting, and the result of such work can please even the most demanding fashionista.

For knitting of similar model it is necessary to pick up light thin yarn and long spokes № 2. Also need a centimeter tape, hook to handle the neck and armholes sleeves, plus 4 hosiery spokes

We collect the required number of loops (on a preliminary fitting) and Projazhuem 4 rows of gum 1х1. The 42 size (Russian) requires approximately 120-130 loops.

Then we move on to the pattern. The effect of lightness and "openwork" is achieved at the expense of the scale, but to avoid increments loops, in parallel with the scale should be and reduce their number in this row. The following scheme will help you not to fall into calculations

Attention! One-sided drawing (here is shown only the obverse side of the product) implies the mating of all even rows in the mirror display, that is, from the back side is already knit on the pattern of the wrong.
According to the scheme, after the gum there are 3 rows of smooth columns with a constant division of two purl loops. Only then, in a zone of wide strips, we make 2 additional scale and there we reduce superfluous loops (we bring 4 together).

Openwork inserts also are made during 3 rows, and between them always there are narrow columns from obverse loops (with a iznanochnym border on the sides). Each of the following triple rows are shifted so that the pattern does not merge and is symmetrical.

The first is better to knit a backrest. It will be easier to calculate the necessary number of rows for dividing the front into two parts and determine the place of the beginning of this split.
Fix the length of the product with a centimeter ribbon!

And when the front part reaches the same mark, go to 4 spokes.


In the center, close the 5-6 loops and knit on short spokes both parts at once (not to fall off).

Every 2 rows of both edges (the area of the neck and arms) should be cleaned on 1 loop, Projazuet it together with the neighboring (but not kromokno).
So the strap will gradually decrease.

After the 12-th row of cuts we produce in each row and when there will be only 8 loops on the spokes – we turn to the front surface.

This narrow strip will be located at the back.

In the end we sew both parts of the T-shirt, tie the hook (but only the neck and arms, the bottom is on the gum) and the product is ready!

This cute T-shirt fits absolutely to any of your along! Summer lightness and practicality of this model will make you sincerely love this outfit and wear it with pleasure.

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