Knitting Long Tunic Free Pattern

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Knitted Tunic Size: 36/38 (40/42 in) 44/46 
You will need: 600 (650) 700 g 
Yarn Asparo (50% of the polyester 
Creeps, 25% alpacas, 25% sheep 
Wool, 75 m/50 g); Circular Spokes 
Braid Pattern: Number of loops multiple 
7 + 2 Chrome, 1st P.: Chrome, ' 2 x 2 
P. Cross to the left Arazazit 
2 p. Before the 1st P. Face, then the pro- 
Knit 1 p. Persons. and remove both loops with 
Left spokes), 3 "repeat from 
Chrome. 2nd P.: Loops knit on the figure. 
Repeat 1st and 2nd p. 
Knitting density: 13 p. and 15.5 p. = 
10 x 10 cm. 
Attention! Dress knit across. 
Arrows on the pattern direction 
Knitting. Due to the width of the recommended 
To knit straight and reverse p. 
Circular spokes. 
The backrest/X dial 30 p. and link 
1 N. P. N. This series does not take into account the 
Account. Then 
Knit pattern of braid. Simultaneously 

From Inlaid edge optional 
Dial the side bevel with the right 
Side in each 2nd p. 3 x 11 and 1 
x 39 P. = 102, including these loops in the 
Pattern. Nerez 12 cm = 18 p. (13 cm 20 
P.) 14 cm = 22 D. From the inlaid edge 
All loops postpone the end of the shoulder). 
For collar Dial 7 p. and knit 
Pattern of braid, starting with 1 chrome. and 2 
IPMs. Simultaneously from the inlaid edge 
Additionally dial for bevel with 
Left side in each 2nd p. 4 x 7 
P. = 35, including these loops in the pattern. 
After 5 cm = d R. From Inlaid Edge 
Loops to postpone. Then translate to 
Spokes postponed 35 p. Collar 
and 102 p. Backrest and knit at all 137 
P. Pattern of Braid. After 26.5 cm 41 
P. (29 cm = 45 R.) 31.5 cm = 49 p. From 
Inlaid Edge reached mid 
Backrest and now finish the backrest 
Symmetrically. To do this, after 29 cm 
46 R. (32 cm = 50 p.) 35 cm 54 R. 
From the end of the shoulder loop backrest again 
Delay the start of the shoulder) and first 
Finish on the first 35 p. Collar. 
For bevel, close the left side of the 
7 p. and in each 2nd p. 4 x 7 p. 
Finish collar after 5 cm 8 p. 
Then knit on the deferred p. Spin 
Key. After 7 cm = 10 p. (8 cm: 12 p.) 9 
CM: 14 p. From the beginning of the captivity close with 
Right hand side of the 39 p. and c each 2nd 
P. 3х11 p. Through 120 '. ' = 18 p. (13 cm 
= 20 p.) 14 cm = 22 p. From the beginning of the shoulder 
Close the remaining 30 p. 
Sleeves: Dial 33 (40) 47 p. and tie 
1 N. P. N. Then knit a pattern of 
Kos. Starting from 3 H. Simultaneously 
From the inlaid edge to add to the 
Sleeves on both sides in each 
8th R. 10х1 p. = 53 (60) 67 P., including. 
Tea is added to the pattern. Through 
58 cm; 90 p. From Inlaid edge all 
Loops close. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams 
And the seams of the collar. Fit Sleeves and 
Perform side seams, 

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