Olive Top and Skirt with Lacing

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It's all about the details: the olive ensemble from the top and short skirt is decorated with a suede effect lacing. 

Sizes: 36/38 (40/42) 
You will need: yarn (88% cotton, 12% polyamide; 140 m / 50 g) - for the top 250 (300) g, for the skirt 150 (200) g olive; Knitting needles number 4.5; circular needles number 4,5; 2 packs of eyelets with washers (diameter 5 mm); yarn - imitation of leather (70% polyester, 30% polyamide; 130 m / 50 g) - 50 g light beige; elastic band with assemblies of a length equal to the waist girth and 2.5 cm wide. 

Pattern 1: front surface = rows in the forward and reverse direction: front rows - front loops, back purses - back loops. 
Circular rows: face loops only.

Pattern 2: purl = facial rows - purl loops, purl rows - facial loops. 

Pattern 3: openwork pattern (the number of loops is a multiple of 26 + 25 (9) + 2 edging) = knit acc. scheme. On it are given facial and purl rows. 

Start with 1 edge and loops from the arrow A (B), repeat the repeat, finish loops to arrow C (D) and 1 edge. Constantly repeat the 1-24th row. 

Pattern 4: kerchief = face and purl rows - face loops. 

Underlined increments: in the front row at the beginning of the row = edge and 2 loops knit together the front; at the end of the row - knit up to 3 loops from the end, then knit 2 loops together with a tilt to the left (see Legend), edgeband. 

Knitting density: pattern 1 - 19 p. X 31 p. = 1 cm; Pattern 3 - 21 p. x 26 p. = 10 x 10 cm

backrest: dial the spokes 93 (103) a set of loops crosswise and knit pattern 1. Through 37.5 cm = 116 rows from the initial number to dial for an elongated shoulder line on both sides 1 x new loops 6 = 105 (115) n. 

After 40 cm = 124 rows (42 cm = 130 rows) from the initial row continue to work with pattern 3. 

Attention: a reduction in width due to different knitting density is depicted on the pattern as a bevel. 
After 18.5 cm = 48 rows from the change of the pattern, close all the loops, while the middle 51 (53) sections form the neck, the external sections of each 27 (31) section are shoulders. 

Before: for the cut start to knit 2 parts separately. 
For the left side, type on the spokes 72 (77) loops with a cross-shaped set and knit as follows: edge, 69 (74) n, pattern 1, 2 n. Pattern 4

After 24.5 cm = 76 rows from the initial row leave the loop. For the right side, type on the knitting needles 21 (26) loops with a cross-shaped set and knit as follows: 2 items pattern 4, 18 (23) items pattern 1, edgeband. 

After 24.5 cm = 76 rows from the initial row, continue to work with a single canvas on all 93 (103) loops on both sides with pattern 1. Finish before, as back. 

Assembly: perform the shoulder seams. On the front on both sides of the section, at a distance of 5 loops from the edge of the section, install eyelets acc. instructions on the package, with the 1st pair of eyelets set 1 cm below the top edge of the cut, the remaining 4 pairs set at intervals of 4.5 cm.

Ensure that the installation does not damage the knitted fabric threads. Cut the thread - imitation of skin approx. 105 cm and cross crosswise into eyelets. Run side seams. 

lower part of the back panel of the skirt: type 86 (96) loops with a cruciform dial and knit with pattern 1. With 7.5 cm = 24 rows from the initial row, close all the loops as facial ones. 

Lower part of the back panel of the skirt: knit similarly. 

The upper part of the back panel of the skirt: type 86 (96) loops on the knitting needles and knit with pattern 1. 11 cm = 34 rows from the initial row emphasize on both sides 1 x 1 n., Then in each 6th row 2 x 1 n and in every 4th row 6 x 1 p. = 68 (78) p.

Through 27.5 cm = 85 rows from the initial row, tie for the fold line 1 purl row with facial rows. Then, for a belt strap, tie another 3 cm = 9 rows with pattern 1 and close all the loops, like purl, the upper part of the front skirt: knit the same way. 

Assembly: perform the side seams of the upper and lower parts of the skirt panels, hem the belt along the fold line and hem inside, leaving an opening for the elastic band. Embed elastic band, sew the ends, sew a hole. 

At the bottom of the back and front skirt panels, 1 cm below the closed edge, in each 10th loop, install 8 (9) eyelets according to the instructions on the package, starting with 1 eyelet in the 1st loop from the side seam. 

On the top of the back and front skirt panels in the same way, install 8 (9) eyelets 1 cm above the initial row.

The upper and lower parts of the skirt should be aligned with the grommets so that there is a gap of 3 cm between them, and the grommets form pairs. 

Starting at the side seam, cross-thread the thread through the crosswise - imitation of the skin in a pair of eyelets to connect the upper and lower parts of the skirt.

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