Melange Cardigan Free Pattern

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Melange Jacket 
With waves 
Dimensions: 42, ' 44 (50/52) 58/60 
Vai Required: 550 (700) 750 g 
Blue-Green melange yarn 
(457, Silk. 45% Royal 
Mohair. Fleece, 100 
M, ' 50 g): Circular spokes 4.5; 
Hook 4; Eight buttons. 
Јievaja R.-Minesweeper 1, Yun, 
R.-IPMs, p. 
Platochnaja binding, • persons. and IPMs. R. — 
Persons. P. 
Voti: Tzh 142-Th and 4th-6th 
R.: Eggs. Surface. PLN: • Knit 
3 to 2 p. Together Vzn_, Gjuvchit 5 times 
(1 yarn 1 vet "1 yarn provja. 
Z to 2 p. Together raisins. Repeat 
From •-Repeat from 1st to 6th. 
Chiglo NAKIDSV should 
Conform Chishu FAVPEN1NH 
Tel and vice versa. 
Pattern for planks of the 1st circular R.: 
• St, Ben, humidity n "Skip 
1 p.. Repeat from •. 2-nd Circular 
R.: Tie over art. Shn Previous- 
Circular R. 1 cartloads. P. and 
Thread in Voi, p. P. "Rachego Shatz" 
Art. Speva to the right. 
Density of knitting. Wavy 
Uzoјhao L. and 23.5 R. 10 x 10 cm. 
Spinkhnaorat 123 (140) 157 L. 
2 Chrome ". Link 4 R. Garter 
Viscous and then knit wavy 
Pattern with 2 p. Persons. surface of 60. 
Kam. After 41 cm from the set 
Zshhyt with Sbeih St- 
P. Yves each 2-th R. 1 x 4.1 
H2i 1 x 3 p. Through 65.5 (65.5) 6? Cm 
From the set edge to close for 
Neckline Srelnae 31 (32) 
35 Yu and each side finish 
Separately. To round off the 
Cover from the inner edge of the 
2-D. 2 X2 p. and the remaining loops 
Bury at a height of 68 (68) 69.5 Sh. 
[Imaja Dial 59 (68) 76 
P. 2 CT, link 4 R. Pllochjuj 
Vjazkov and ZATVM knit wavy 
Pattern. Vypopnit sleeve. As 
Soinke. Through 61 (61) 62.5 cm from 
Set. Ku zakv, P DPJ 3. u) ut • 
The right side of the cut 
P... in each 2-Mr. 2X3, 1 (1) 2x 
2.2 (3) 2 1 p. and the remaining pet 
To close the height of the backrest. 
Left Bud Knit to- 
Sleeves: Vabrat 36 (36) 40 p. + 2 
Chrome, tie 4 R. Garter Elm- 
And then knit with wavy ouzo • 
ROMs 1 (1) Po. Eggs Gpadi [skirts. 
Day (Dogs ru • Kava SHHMAVT with both 
Their parties alternately in each 
4-M and 2-R. 29 x p. (alternately 
In Cam 44 and R. 29 x 1 P.) In the 
Each 4-Mr. 13H 1 p. and in 
2-th R. 17 x 1 P.. including Pribavlja 
tained loops in the pattern. Through 38 cm from 
Set Edge Close for Okata 
Sleeves on both sides 6 (6) 8 in 
Each 2-th R. 1 kz. ZH 2.11 X1. z 
X 2.1 x3. 1 X5 and remaining- 
Close at the height of 56 sh. 
Perform shoulder seams; 
On the cut gorpoviny to dial the 
Appropriate Chzhlo loops, 
Ty 10 R. Heel Viscous and 
Ten loops close the faces. At the edges 
Shelves. including Korotvie 
To dial the corresponding 
Jushhae number of loops. Tied up, R. 
Shitochnoj viscous and then hinges 
Cover faces.. Yuri Lom Evenly 
Run on the right shelf on 
Half of the height of the bar 8 Otner- 
Steve for NYROEMV sleeves folded 
In half and Ettat. Run OS- 
Ilnye seams. Tie all edges 
Crochet pattern for slats.
Sew Buttons, 

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