Elegant Openwork Crochet Pattern

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Openwork Description 
Size: 42 
Materials used: 3 skeins of the line 
Anne (500m), of circle, in white color 
(8001); Aluminium needle for crochet in 2 
(1, 75 mm), of the circle. 
Points and abbreviations used: Dot 
Chain (run), Low point 
(P. bx.), low point (P.B.) and half point 
High (RN. p.a.). 
How-to: Diagram 1 — Start the 
Reason with 6 chains, * 2 m, P.A., 
3 Chains *, repeat for more 
three times. From 2a to 10th career, continue 
Following the diagram, observing that 
You should work in a spiral, not 
It is necessary to use a very low point 
To close their careers. Around 
Why don't you do diagram 2? Repeat the 
More 171 times, make the Union of the 
Rosettes, as it is presented in the mould of 
Distribution with rock points. 
Finishing and assembly: Mount the 
Front and back separately, then 
Sew the shoulders and the sides of the blouse. 
Around the cava, make diagram 3, 
Sample: 5 x 5 cm motif (needle for 
Crochet in 2), measured on diagram 1, 

Points and abbreviations used: Dot 
(P.), Chain (COM), low point 
(P. bx.), low point (P.B.), High Point (P.A.) and 
Crochet fillet (Follow diagrams 1 and 2). 
How-to: back — start with the bar 
With a cord of 205 chains more 
3 chains to start 1 career, follow 
Diagram 1 to 126a career. 
Front — start with the bar with a 
205 Chains String More 
3 chains to start IE career, follow 
Diagram 1 to 126a career. 
Finishing and assembly: close the 
sides and the shoulder inside the part 
With a low-end career. Around 
Of the sleeves, the bar and the Cava, 
5 low-point careers, 
Sample: 5 x 5 cm square (needle 
For crochet in 3) = 18 points x 10 Careers, 
Measured over the high point, 

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/ageeva_tania/post435916272/

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