Case for a Stool of Crochet

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Dimensions: 27cm on 27cm.
We will need:

yarn, 100% cotton, 150 g on 225 m-white, lilac, Violet flowers-to 150 g;
Hook No. 3, 5.

For the main motive we dial 2 air. P. and knitting crochet from the 1st P. to the 14th p. scheme;
For leaves we dial 2 air. P. and knit crochet from 1st to 4th R. cx.

We need to tie nine motifs to the Cx. and connect them to a common square canvas. The finished product, as well as all covers on a stool it is desirable to tie Eternity. by crocheting 16-row prss, alternating colors:

From 1st to 3rd p. – Purple yarn;
From 4th to 6th P. – white;
From 7th to 9th P. – purple;
from 10th to 12th R. – purple;
From 13th to 15th p. – white;
Vyvjazyvaem 8 leaves According to the scheme, alternating colors of threads.

Decorate the covers can be tassels, ruffles, etc. we propose to tie the hook into three threads (purple + white + purple) chain of the EAP length 32 CM. We insert the cord into one of the sides of the bag, sew on a leaf on each corner. For other parties we repeat the ALGORITHM.

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