Crochet Mat Free Pattern

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Cute XXL size mat (approx. 1 meter in diameter). He has a very nice romantic shade. I will not tell you that it is very easy to do (because it is not), but I will not tell you that it is very difficult, but to try is unambiguous.

It consists of one larger central part, to which we will sew the rest of the Parts.

It is very important to make pieces of different sizes, i.e. the main part (1) is much larger than the rest (well, that we understood from the beginning), but I mean that the rest of the pieces should also be different in size, because when they fit them there should not be much Empty Spaces.

For these holes we will use pieces 5 and 6, which are much smaller than the Rest.

Pieces 3 are Leaves. We can put them in the center to be filled, but above all they are very well suited to give the rounded shape to the carpet (placing them on the ends).

Once you have put all the parts you want for your carpet, you need to place them in such a way that they formed a circle (it is a difficult task). Left to stock up with a needle, thread and great Patience.

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