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I do not know about you, but we have already opened a season of warm and cozy swathes! Therefore, I propose to look at variants of different fantasy yarns.


In fact, its huge number and, thanks to this or that texture or color, the product takes on a completely individual and unique appearance.  

Let's look at the main subspecies of fantasy yarn:

1. Ribbon yarn.

It is usually made of cotton, acrylic or viscose. She did not meet the woolen one. 

The cloth turns out interesting due to a flat thread.

2. Knitted yarn.

Very well-known recently due to the simplicity of creating from it different things for the house.

Even the beginning knitter will cope. For sure, you saw baskets, rugs and handbags from this very yarn :)


3. Chenille.

Very like the producers of this yarn treat it as a "child". It is really suitable for children due to its softness. Typically, the fibers consist of cotton and acrylic or only acrylic. The yarn from the quality chenille behaves perfectly after washing, it is not ordered and worn for a long time. Cyanel of lower quality often climbs and appears bald spots, as if the product chewed the moth. Still such yarn sometimes name "plush" and knit from it toys.

4. Pompon yarn.

Very often they are used mainly for children's things: plaids, suits, hats, blouses, etc. The yarn is easy to crochet, a canvas is obtained from individual pom-pom-poms, but the same can be obtained by knitting with thick knitting needles.

One Russian designer has found her application and now knits beautiful dresses from this very yarn. I knitted too. Very quickly and interestingly obtained.

5. Pile yarn.

 Typically, it is an imitation of fur. It often knits fur coats, ponchos, I use for finishing the edges of products or simply knit toys and textiles for the house.

 All known "grass" also refers to nap fantasy yarn.

6. Volumetric (thick) fancy yarn.

Very popular lately. She came to us from America. Last year, a coat of thick yarn was very fashionable.

Now somehow everything has subsided, but here the textiles for the house are still relevant.

7. Buckled yarn.

Very interesting yarn, textured and pleasant to the touch. Like pile yarn imitates fur, closer to doodle, but is separately selected, because it can not be confused with any other. The peculiarity of this yarn, like any other textured one, is that it looks best in models of simple, uncomplicated ones. The pattern can not be clearly seen, so the boucle is great for beginner knitters. 

Very often, the towed yarn is used to create outerwear. It looks very impressive.

8. Tweed.

English classics are tweed yarn. Yarn is a monophonic fiber with multi-colored blotches. This tweed is worth a lot, like any other quality yarn, but it's safe to say that this yarn is with history. 

9. Lurex.

Very elegant yarn. Mostly used to create festive outfits or as an addition to the main yarn. Will help decorate any outfit! The yarn is synthetic, so it is often prickly, but its colors are usually all bright, shiny and elegant!

10. The nearest colleague of yarn with lurex is yarn with paillettes and beads. A couple of years ago was sooo fashionable. Again, then a little bit all subsided, but things from such a yarn can be done very beautiful and elegant. Most knitting in knitting yarn is added by yourself.

11. The yarn is ribbon, ruche.

Mainly used for finishing and creating children's things, mostly skirts for girls. The yarn is very easy to knit and falls like a ruffle.

12. The yarn-lace.

The very name of the yarn speaks for itself. Yarn is generally a hollow braid. It can be made of both synthetic fibers and natural fibers.

Of synthetics I mostly knit rugs.

A yarn-lace made from natural fibers is used for clothing and accessories.

13. Fantasy yarn with inclusions of wool.

Very interesting yarn. As a rule, it is monophonic, but it is also melange. The effect is created by the inclusion of yarn of a different color or shade.

14. Yarn with different thickness of thread.

Elegant yarn, mainly hand-spinning. The main thing is that the model of this yarn should be a simple cut, otherwise there will be butter. I do not get tired of admiring this yarn, because it rarely happens the same.

Production does not stand still and so many interesting and new things are produced that could not take into account any subspecies. I apologize in advance and I'll be glad if you complete it.

I hope, my publication will inspire you and bring a lot of new ideas.

All inspiration and warm autumn mood! :)

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