Amigurumi Pattern

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Height 13 cm. 
The name given to them is this, because they knit together)))) And it's very simple and fun! 

We will need:

Yarn of different colors. At your discretion. It is better if it is approximately the same thickness. For a scarf you need a thinner yarn. 
Beads for the eyes
Tube from juice
Needle with a large eye


n -. Loop 
ce - air loop 
sbn - column without a crochet 
ss - connection post 
ave - increase in 
tb - decrease

Head: It is
knit like a regular ball 
1) 6 sb in the ring amigurumi 
2) 6 pr (12) 
3) 1 sb, pr - 6 times (18) 
4) 2 sb, pr - 6 times (24) 
5) 3 sb - 6 times (30) 
6) 4 сбн, пр - 6 times (36) 
7) 5 сбн, пр - 6 times (42) 
8-14) (7 rows) without changes (42) 
15) 5 сбн, уб - 6 times (36) 
16) 4 сбн, уб - 6 times (30) 
17) 3 сбн, уб - 6 times (24) To 
fill the detail with filler 
18) 2 сбн, уб - 6 times (18) 
19) 1 сбн, уб - 6 times (12) 
20) 6 ub (6) 
Loosen the hinges 

We tie the body from bottom to top, i.e. take first yarn for panties 

1) 6 sb in the ring amigurumi 
2) 6 pr (12) 
3) 1 sb, pr - 5 times, 2 sb (17) 
4-6) unchanged 
Change the thread to a different color (shirt color) 
7 -9) without changes 
10) 1 сбн, уб. - 5 times, 2 sb (12) 
Fill the part with filler. Not very strong. 
11) 6 ub. (6) 
The remaining hole is not closed. We leave the thread for sewing the trunk to the head.

They consist of two parts: the shoe itself and the sole. 

1) 6 sb in the ring amigurumi 
2) 6 pr (12) 
3-4) without changes 
Finish ss, cut the thread, hide it inside. 

1) 6 sb in the ring amigurumi 
2) 6 pr, ss (12) 
We leave the thread for sewing. 

Assembling shoes We have very

thin legs protruding from our shoes. To attach these legs to the shoes, take the tube from the juice, cut off from it two small pieces. 

Thread the color of the panties stretch through the center of the shoe. We tie the end of the thread to a piece of a tube, so we fix our thread. 

From the thread that sticks out of the boot, we knit a chain of 8 cp. This is our leg. We leave the thread for sewing.

Now we sew the sole to the shoe. Do not forget to fill the boots with filler. 
After the sole is sewn, the same thread embroider strings.

1) 6 sb in the ring amigurumi 
2) 6 pr (12) 
3) unchanged 
4) 6 yb, ss 
The remaining loops are tightened, the thread is cut and hidden inside. 

Now we take the color of the shirt and put its end inside the handle. We catch the thread and stretch it through two loops (see photo below) We knit a chain of 10 bp.

The end of the thread is hidden inside the head. We find the most advantageous place for the ear, we catch the loop and knit it: vp, 4 sb, ss. The thread is cut and its end is also hidden inside.

1) 6 sb in the ring amigurumi 
2) 6 pr (12) 
3) 1 sb, pr, 1 sb, ss 
Leave the sewing thread 


Sew our head to the trunk. I made three circles while sewing.

We sew the legs, handles and eyes. 

Now the most interesting. We embroider hair on the head, like the rays of the sun. We embroider the mouth and eyes with black thread. We sew eye-beads

A scarf! 

For him, we need a thinner yarn. 
We dial a chain of 100 bp. The chain should be curled into a spiral.

he scarf should become a highlight, a beautiful addition. Then you need to guess with the color))) 

We tie a scarf, watch and admire)))) 

Our Shustrik is ready!

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