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I want to present you a very simple (because short {#}) master class in making coasters for glasses. Master class for beginners, on such small and simple objects to train very well)))

so we will need:

orange yarn

green yarn


We knit a circle from an orange yarn: for this, close three air loops in a ring, in the next row we knit 6 rings without crochet (st.b / n) from this ringlet, then knit in a spiral, adding 6 st. In each row. b / n. In order not to lose the beginning of the series, you can designate it with a pin or a thread of a contrasting color. We get:

Then we take the green yarn and begin to knit the leaves: dial 29 air loops, knit in the next row: * 2 st b / n, 2 half columns, 2 double crochets, 2 double crochets, 2 half columns, 2 tables .b / n. 1 connecting column. Repeat from * We get:

Now carefully attach the leaves to the orange circles:

You can make a loop when tying the circle and in the kit to the supports you will also get a tack:

But how do the stands look on the table:

By replacing the orange yarn with a red one, you can get similar pedestal stands).

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