How to Make Knitted Snowman

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Wonderful snowmen from socks will decorate any house under the New Year!  Present such to your friends and kids! See how easy it is to make them, you only need different socks: 
white and colorful, rice or buckwheat or polystyrene to fill snowmobiles, you can use sintepon or foam rubber, scissors, rope or ribbon to tie, thread with a needle, a few buttons 

First we cut off the upper part of the white sock, we do not need a heel and a socks. From the colored socks we take two parts - below the heel and above.

Then you need to sew the bottom of the white sock (from the wrong side), turn it out, and fill it up so that it becomes plump. The top can be attached and sewed or fastened with a rubber band.

Now we dress our snowman! A sock from a colored socks is a hat, the top can be decorated with a string or ribbon. And the top part of the colored sock is put on the snowman in the manner of a turtleneck, also tied with a ribbon, and we sew buttons for beauty!

Now face - here you can use different buttons - you can just paste them.

Source : http://jenet.info/snegoviki-iz-nosochkov/

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