Pink Cardigan Free Pattern

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Size: 40 For more or less- 
Size accordingly increase the 
or reduce width by 2 cm, height 
1 cm. You need: 600 g pink Catamaran- 
LM 4/10 A5atros Spoa; Needles NQ 3.5 
and 4.5; 6 buttons; Wool needle. 
Facial surface: Faces. R.-Persons. L., IGN. 
R.-IPMs. P. 
Purl surface: Faces. R.-IPMs. P. 
IPMs. R.-Јlic. P. 
Rubber Band 212: Alternately 2 persons., 2 
(. ', zgn. 
Oanpzijnyj Pattern: Knit According to the scheme, 
Only persons are given. R. 
In IPMs. R. Loops and Nakidy knit IPMs. 
Density of Knitting: 20 p. and 32 R. 10 
X 10 cm. 
Backrest: On the Spokes 3.5 dial 96 
P. and bind between Chrome. 3 cm Rubber- 
2/2; Z The last row of gum 
Add 1 p. and continue working 
Spokes [Che 4.5 fantasy pattern. 
Res 25 cm from the set edge for 
Shaping the waist on the waistline again 
Go to the spokes 3.5 and knit 
Zinkoj 2/2, at receptive Z 1-r. Gum 
Evenly reduce 17 p., for this 
To bind 17 x 2 p. Together 80 p.). 
Res 10 cm Evenly add 17 
P. DG P.). Go to the Spokes 4.5 
and continue to work fancy 
pattern, performing both sides on 
L Chrome. Res 49 cm from the set edge 
Close for armholes on both sides 
Each 2-th R. 1x4 p., 1 x 3 p., L x 2 
P. and 2 x 1 p. Finishing subtraction for 
Armholes, knit on fancy 
Pattern, with an atom knit Z the beginning of a row 
5 persons. and 4 IPMs., z the end of the series 4 IPMs. 
and 5 persons. Res 67 cm from the set 
Edge Close for neck cut 
Middle 19 p. and both sides finish 
Separately. For rounding close with 
Inner edge of the cutout in Ka, Chshhom 2-M 
R. 1h5 p., 1h3 p., 1x2 P. Res 69 cm 
L Set Edge Close remaining 
18 p. Shoulder on each side. 
Left shelf: On the spokes NQ 3.5 on. 
Take 57 p. and bind between Chrome. Z 
CM Rubber band 2/2; Z The last row 
Gum Pri6azit 2 p. 59 p.) And 
Continue working with Spokes NQ 4.5 
Fancy pattern. Res 25 cm 
From the set edge to the formation 
At the waist again to move to the 
Knitting Needles 3.5 Knit Rubber Band 2, ' 2, 
In this case, Z 1-r. Gum Disturbed- 
But reduce D p., for this to bind 
DX 2 p. Together 50 p.). Res 10 cm 
Evenly add 11 p. 61 p.). 
Go to the spokes N24, 5 and continue 
Work with a fancy pattern, while 
from individuals. Side work last 4 p. 
Knit faces. At the same time for bevel 
Neck reduce each 
4-P, 32 X1 p., for this z end of a row 
Knit 2 p. Together persons. and then 2 
Persons. Res 49 cm from the set edge of the 
Cover for Proimy with right side 
Write series in 2-and R. 1 x 4 p., 
X 3 p., L x 2 p. and 2hј p. res PD cm 
From the set edge close the remaining 
18 p. for shoulder. 
Right Shelf: knit symmetrically 
Ledoi Shelf. 
Sleeves: On the spokes 3 ' 5 dial 48 p. 
and bind between Chrome. 3 cm Rubber Band 
2, ' 2; In the last row of the gum Priba- 
4 p. 52 p.) and continue to work 
Spokes [IU 4.5 as follows: 
Chrome., 6 persons., 38 p. Fancy 
Pattern, E faces, 1 chrome. Res 8 cm from 
Add a set edge to the 
Ron for bevels sleeves on 1 p. and then in 
Every 6th 12H1 p. 78 p.). Res 
48 cm from the set edge close for 
Yukata sleeves on both sides in each 
2-R.-1x4 p., L x 3 p., 11 x 2 p. 
60 cm from the set edge close 
The remaining 20 p. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder and 60- 
Goat seams. Execute seams of sleeves 
and lining sleeves from armhole. Along the Edge 
Right shelves, starting from the bottom 
Edge of the jacket to the middle of the cut 
Necks of a back, on spokes 3.5 
Dial 221 L. and tie for Strap Z 
C Rubber Band 2/2; In the 3rd R. every 18 p., starting from the lower edge, the 
Thread 6 times button hole 
To tie 2 p. Together make 1 on- 
Kid). Similarly, dial 
Hinges along the edge of the left shelf to 
The middle of the neck of the back 
and knit the bar with a rubber band 2/2 without 
Button holes. Sew Edges 
The center of the neck of the backrest. 
On the bar of the Left shelf opposite 
Atzerstij to sew the buttons: 

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