Crcohet White Blouse Free Pattern

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28 White T-shirt 
Author: Kalinin E. 
Size: 46 D8. 
Average degree of complexity. 
Extracellular will need 
180 g Yarn "Iris" Gamma (100% 
Cotton, 87 mј10 g) White color: 
Hook Gamma 1. 
Knitting technique 
Hook: Connecting Poles (conn), 
Stuffy Loops (v. P.), columns without a throw (art. b/N), 
Columns with the throw (art. S/n); 
Fileinyj Pattern: Knit according to the pattern. 
Density of knitting 
17 loins Cells x 18 r. = 10 x 10 cm, connected 
Crochet 1 loin pattern. 
Description of the work 
Backrest: Dial a chain of 13rd. P. (10. P. Basis- 
3. P. lifting). 
1st row: 1 art. c/N in 5-th v. P. Chains from a hook, 8 art. 
c/N in the next 8 VP chains. 
Further knit straight and reverse rows of the 
But the scheme loin pattern. 
The design of the armholes line and the neck line are 
Be filled according to the scheme. 
Before: Knit like a back. To decorate the line 
78 from the beginning of knitting to leave the 
Tied average 33 p. 
There are 14 loins cells in the work. In 94-M R. From 
Start knitting work to finish. Cut the thread. 
The left shoulder executes similarly. 
Assembling and finishing 
Perform shoulder and side seams. Line of Throat- 
Guilt, armhole to tie in a circle with a hook 
1-St. 6/N. Series finish using Conn. Art. 

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