Turtleneck knitting free pattern

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Size: 46-48 

For knitting a turtleneck knitting you need: 

white wool yarn 300g (280m / 50g); 
Knitting needles number 2 and number 2.5; 
circular needles number 2 

Pattern gum 2x2: 
1st p .: 1 chrome., * 2 out., 2 faces., repeat from *, 1 chrome. 
2nd p .: knit loops on the pattern. 
Repeat the 1st and 2nd p. 

Pattern "rhombuses": knit according to the scheme, in the purl rows all the loops are knit according to the pattern, nakida knit wear. 

How to knit a turtleneck with needles 

Knit a back of a turtleneck with knitting needles 

Type 140 loops on the spokes number 2 and tie a 16 cm elastic band. 

Change the needles to No. 2.5 and continue to work with a 26 cm diamonds pattern. 

For tying the armholes, subtract from both sides: 1 time - 6 loops, 1 time - 5 loops, 1 time - 4 loops, etc. up to 1 loop.

At a height of 59.5 cm from the start of work, close the central 12 loops (for the neck). 

Shoulders complete separately. To form a neck, close the closed central loops on each side 1 time - 5 loops, 1 time - 4 loops, 1 time - 3 loops, 1 time - 2 loops and 1 time - 1 loop. 

At the same time, form a bevel of the shoulder: when 3 neck loops are closed, close the shoulder 2 times - 9 loops and 1 time - 10 loops. 

Knit in front of a turtleneck knitting 
Knit similar to the back only with the difference that the pattern "diamonds" knit 28 cm (for tuck). When stitching the sides of the back and before the extra 2 cm in the chest area, suck. 

For the neck, close the loop at a height of 56 cm from the start of knitting. 

Knit turtleneck sleeves knitting
Dial 80 loops on the spokes number 2 and knit 16 cm with an elastic band. Similarly to the main details of the turtleneck, we continue to work on the needles No. 2.5 with the “rhombus” pattern. 

To form an expansion sleeve in each 4 row, add 1 loop from both sides until the needles have 96 loops. Do not forget to add new loops to the pattern. 

Then tie 11 more rows and begin to form a sleeve. To do this, close it on both sides once - 6 loops, 1 time - 5 loops, 1 time - 4 loops, 1 time - 3 loops, 1 time - 2 loops, 17 times - 1 loop, 24 times - 2 loops each. Close the loop.

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