A shirt with a circular yoke

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Size: 46 

You will need: 500g of lilac-colored yarn and 200g of tinted ribbon-like yarn; Knitting needles number 5, hook number 5.

Attention! The shirt is made in a single blade in the direction indicated in fig. 26 arrows. Before you start knitting, determine the knitting density (so that the size of the finished product matches what was intended) and calculate the required number of loops according to the pattern (Fig. 26). Type in the knitting needles the calculated number of loops with shaped yarn and knit with a “dogrose” pattern (cx. 26), adding vertical-oblique lines to the calculation, breaking the curve into triangles (for the calculation technology, see the supplementary application material). Add hinges to the main pattern. After 32 cm from the edge of the cut, divide the loops for the neck in the front in the middle and begin to subtract from the left half of the canvas (dropping the loops of the right half to the auxiliary thread) according to the pattern.

When only the hinges of the sleeves remain on the needle, begin to perform a strip of the through pattern of the finishing thread. To do this, knit 2 rows of garter stitch, then divide the loops into equal intervals, for example, 10 loops each. Perform the 3rd row as follows: 10 LP, the following 10p. close, 10 LP, 10p. close, etc., in the 4th row above the closed loops, type 10p., 10 PL knit the PL, etc. 5th and 6th rows - knit the PL. Next, go to the main yarn and start forming the left half of the cutout of the neck of the backrest, symmetrically to the front of the neck, only now, instead of the reductions, perform increments. After finishing the cutout of the left half of the neckline, drop the loops on the auxiliary thread or on the additional needle.

Mirror the right half of the shirt, dissolve the auxiliary thread and type open loops. After the right side of the canvas is similar to the left, combine the knitting and continue with the second half of the product symmetrically with the first, making increases according to the pattern. Connect the parts along the side seams. Next, knit the loops along the neckline with the S1H crochet by completing the necessary reductions, adjusting the number of loops, and begin to perform the collar with shaped yarn in a circle according to the pattern 26a.

Attention! The scheme reproduces half of the work, taking into account the necessary fabric reductions. In this case, the number of crossed motifs is reduced by two with each new tier. Use the scheme 26a and for the performance of the jacket of the shirt, but instead of three tiers, knit two. Attach the belt to the bottom of the shirt with a knit stitch. Next, circle the cuffs of four crossed motifs to the height of two tiers according to the pattern 26b. Attach them to the sleeves knit stitch.

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