Crochet Pillow Flower Pattern

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Such a beautiful knitted pillow is not met-an exotic, incredibly beautiful flower in the whole pillow and petals are so naturally disclosed, as on a live flower. The volume of the flower creates a delightful effect.

Threads of several colors.
The center of the flower is connected in the Jo-Jo technique:

The distinctive feature of Jo-Jo-Dvuslojnost and volume. Knitting starts from the center, according to the scheme-the first layer of the flower, the second layer fit the same pattern, but to the center, at the end of all loops to assemble on one loop and tighten it.

Further knit a thread of pink color, from a loop between petals to tie * 3 PRS, from the second-the closed chain (Pico) from 5 VP *.
Next row: Knit a thick red thread: To knit a series of Ss2ns, * the first and third columns are clasped by the pink thread, the second column is tied from the loop over the PRS; Above it is a closed chain of 7 EAP *.
Further, on each second column to knit closed chains of the EAP, in each row such chains should be longer, than from the previous row on 2.

Only 12 petals. Mark the top of the flower with a contrasting thread. To form a square, tying from among the sides by columns bn, then columns ch, ss2n, and closer to a corner-Ss3n, Hugo a chain from 3 EAP.
Knit Border Beige Color: 1, 3, 5 row: PRs on the corners-3 VP; 2, 4 row PRSs, on the corners-3 VP.

Then a thread of pink color to tie a contour PRS, 1 time-grasping a thread under both walls of a loop, the second-grasping a thread of the previous row. We continue to form angles.
Also to tie a thread of thick red color. 
We have linked the base to which we still need to tie the petals.

Next stage-we will knit petals

Knitting the petals start with the outer row. * from each loop of the EAP tie 7sht ss3n, over 8-gauged bind 2VP, fasten on knitting one PRS, VP and 7sht ss3n, PRS *.

In each subsequent row, at knitting of petals, to make in columns on one yarn less, number of columns also to decrease on 2.

Pillow in other range:

Each layer of the flower is revealed over the.

Very beautiful flower!

Pillow-Flower, crocheted:

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