Crochet Bag Free Pattern

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Size: Length 38 cm, width 40 cm, 
Bottom 10 cm, border height 12 cm. 
You need: 300 g flax color 
(color, 03248), 150 g green (color 03392), 
100 g Burgundy (color 03128) yarn 
Schachenmayr Satama GRANDE (1000/0 
Cotton, 63 m/50 g); Hook MD 4 and Gil 4.5; 
Hook for Tunisian knitting with SRW- 
Sicom Gil 4.5 and Gil 5; Wool needle: 
Bag handles; For lining 45 cm 
Cotton Fabric Width 90 
See Sewing needle. 
Bottom bags: Knit according to the scheme. 
Tunisian main pattern: each 
The number specified in the instruction is 
of one person. R. in which loops 
Are recruited rise from loops 
The previous row) Speva to the right, and 1 
Raisins R.. In which loops are fastened 
In the opposite direction. Start 
Work will be simpler and 
The set edge is more elastic, 
If the required number of loops is 
Typed on the Tunisian hook, as 
Knitting. Work 
Do not turn. Extend the Working 
Thread through 1 n "then all the time knit 
2 p. Together from left to right. 
Work does not turn, 1 humidity. P. 
Instead of chrome., • Enter the hook on the right 
Left through vertical wall 
Loops of the previous row and pull out 
P., leaving her on the hook, repeating 
From '. For the formation of chrome. Grab 
Hook 2 strands 2 hinge wall 
Sublayer series. So the left edge of the 
You're going to look better, 2nd IPMs. R: 
Work does not turn, stretch the 
Bonuju the thread through 1 p., then all the time 
To bind on 2 p. Together. Repeat 
1-ST and 2-nd R. 
Addition of loops: in faces. R. Inter- 
2 Vertical Hinge Walls 
The previous row to enter the hook under 
Upper, horizontally lying 
Thread. and pull 1 p., leaving it on 
: Rjuchke. 
' Operation alternation 
Strips: 1 R. Green thread, 3 R. Thread 
Flax color, 1 p. Burgundy Thread, p. 
Thread of flax color; Repeat these 8 p. 
Jacquard Curb: Number of loops 
Multiple of 17 + chrome. Knit on counting 
Schema. Chrome. Also marked. In the 
IPMs. R. Loops of different colors to perform 
as follows: if 2 Provjazy 
Originating loops of the same color, they should be 
Thread the same color. 
If 2 Provjazyvaemye loops of different 
Colors, they should be 
corresponding to the color of the 2nd p. 
The non-working thread of the pattern is freely 
Pulling on the IPMs. Side of the work in Likџ 
and IPMs. R. 
Strap Bag: Knit According to the humidity scheme. P. 
and Polust. c/N. 
Density of knitting. Follower 
Stripe alternation. Hook 
4.5:17 p. and 17 R. 10 x 10 cm: Jacques- 
Card pattern, Hook 5:17 p. and 15 
R. 210 x10 cm, 
Bottom bags: Crochet Mr 4.5 
Green thread to dial a chain of 39 
Humidity p. + C humidity. P. Lifting instead 
1st Art. c/N. link on the scheme from the 1st to 
The 7th Circular R., with the 1st round- 
PTO R. The first C art. c/N Run in 
4-th humidity p. From the hook. to the Central 
Part of the scheme should be added 33 p., 
As indicated. 3 8-m circular p, knit 
Art. b/N, grabbing the hook only 
The back walls of the loops of the previous 
Main part of the bag: all Odnoton 
The rows of the Tunisian crochet 
4.5, all tone rows are 
Take Tunisian crochet 5. Tunisia 
4.5 Green Thread 
Dial a chain of 126 humidity. P. and 
Knit the main pattern of 6 p, Green 
Thread, 1 R. The color of flax, 1 R. Boron- 
Dose thread, 1 p. Thread of flax color, 
At the same time in the 2nd, 5th and 8th P, (2 persons. 
P.) perform the addition of loops as 
Indicated: A: Јјcz p., 1 appendix, 58 
P., 1 addition, 4 p., 1 addition, 
58 P., 1 addition, 3 p. = 130 P.; 
Dr 3 p., 1 appendix, 60 p., 1 
Add, 4 P., 1 appendix, 60 
1 addition, 3 p. 134 p.; 8th R.: Z 
P., 1 addition, 62 p., 1 Pribavle- 
4 p., 1 addition, 62 p., 
Bazlenie, 3 p, = 138 p. After the 9th p. 
Start the curb execution and link 
Counting Scheme 1 time from 1st to 18th 
P. as follows: 10 p. Before 
Rapportom, 7 times repeat rapport, 
10 p, after rapport. After curb 
Link 1 R. A thread of flax colour, 1 R. Bor- 
Sexes thread and 1 R. The color of flax, 
Then knit the sequence 
Strip. After the 4th Lane 
Green thread to tie the top edge 
Bags thread Flax Color 1 person. R. of 
Conn, art. 
Assembly: Perform a side seam. 
The bulk of the bag and bottom 
Fold the front sides of each 
A friend (the place of transition of circular series 
Bottom falls on the side seam) 
and connect the loops of the last rows 
Paired, seweded with a needle or tied together 
Crochet. The thread of the color of flax crochet 
4 Follow the appropriate 
Scheme 5 circular p, for lath. Under 
Strap to sew the handles at a distance 
18 cm apart, dividing for this 
On individual strands of Burgundy yarn, 
For the lining of cotton 
Fabric Carve Piece Size 82 
x 42 cm, folded in half (2 41 x 42 
CM) persons. Side inside and stitching 
On the lateral seam and on the bottom edge, 
Leaving the 1 cm. For bottom 
Sew to a depth of 10 cm angles after receiving 
Medium the pouch and cut the 
Seam close to the stitch, insert the 
Laying in the bag, the top edge of the lining- 
1 cm on the IPMs, side and 
Manually sew to the bag under the strap. 

Pshi tips: The technique of Tunisian knitting 
Crochet Tunisian crochet is a 
A combination of knitting and crocheting. On 
The same cloth, connected by Tunisian crochet, 
It has a solid structure, while using the 
Distin the hook a little more thick than 
Recommended for used yarn. Ra 
The hook, the length of which has a length of 
Conventional spokes. For wide canvases, the 
Distin Tunisian hook with attached to it 
Nylon cable. Each series consists of 
Two: persons. and IPMs. Persons. R. Knit from right to left, 
The hook is inserted into the loops of the previous 
and Vytjagivaemye loops are put on the 
Hook. IPMs. R. Knit from left to right, with 
Loops are tied. Work is not turning. In the 
Beginning of work knit a chain of humidity. P. and/or 
1-2 p. Art. b/N. However, it is possible, as in Elm- 
With the spokes, dial the desired number of loops on the 
Long hook, after that the next row 
Run as IPMs. At shutdown 
performed by individuals. R. Conn. Art. or art. 6/N. 

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