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Author: RealTime 

Here is the full description of the cap, I can hardly write more. Last year, we were 1 year old, I knitted this hat on knitting needles 4.5, this year to us, respectively, 2 years, I took the knitting needles 5.5, although in last year's we wet, but I have thick stitches to sew 
59 loops 
1 row-edge, * 3 purlins, 2 facial, 3 wins, 2 persons., 3 out of the way, 2 faces., 3 out., 1 facial * 
repeat from * to * 3 times, edge 
2 row-on pattern 
3 row-on pattern 
4 row-edge, $ * 2 loops removed before work, 1 tie the front, tie up 2 loosening the faces E * 2 PHI. **, PHI 2, **, PHI 2, **, PHI 1. $, $ from $ to repeat three times, bead 
5-number on the image
6 row-by-picture 
7 row-by-picture 
8 row-as-4th 
, etc. 
at an altitude of ~ 15 cm (stretch canvas) begin to untie the fantasy scythe from the 5th row, continuing to cross the loops in small pigtails until they all enter the work in the fantasy spit between the braids to tie one of the straps in the 15th row of the fantasy spit all purl two pairs together, 50 loops will remain on the knitting needles, 3 faces., 1 dep., 3 faces., 1 out., .... etc. The 17th row is the front row, * 3 persons, 1 out of a kind, 4 take off on the extra spoke, 3 persons, loop the loops from the extra spoke in this order: 1 dep., 3 faces., 1 out., 3 faces., 1 dep. *, From * to * 2 times the purl pattern according to the figure, tie another face and purl series according to the drawing, close the loops.

To sew the hat, sew up the braids of the ears with a thread at the top , draw 13 stitches, this is how the 1st row-knit edgeband, 2 knits, 2 faces, 3 knees, 2 faces., 2 out., Edge 2-row-edge, 2 faces together, 2 , 2 persons to leave before work, tie one person, 2 loops from an extra face, 2 knit, chrome 3rd row-on-pattern 4th row, hem., 2 together out of., Out of., 3 persons, out of, 2 together out of., edge 5-on-picture 6-ed, 2 out. together, 2 persons to leave before work, tie one person, 2 loops from an extra face, 2 out. together, chrome 7o-by drawing 8-ed, 2 together faces., 1 faces., 2 together facial, hem 9y-on-figure 10th-edge., 2 faces left before work, 1 person sewed, 2 loops with extra. knitting needles, chrome 11,12,13-according to the drawing

14-as the 10th, continue the description of the fantasy spit to the required length of the string : this is the 5th row: 1 edge, 2 out., And further by description: 3 faces., 2 out., Cross 8 loops, etc. further knit the purl series and in the front, 1 of the 8 loops crossed.2 out, 8 loops crossed, 1 out, and again 8 loops crossed, etc. something does not work for me, a fantasy scythe: (((I found another explanation on the aspen ... it turns out I did not correctly write down and there are not 5, but 8 loops ... I'll go daring with hope that now everything will turn out right.

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