Women White Crochet Sweater Free Pattern

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Cozy white ryuker ryukhom and knitting needles 
Warm and cozy white pullover, crocheted and knitted, looks great with jeans, skinny and leggings. It slightly burns the shoulders and clavicle, emphasizing the beauty of the curves of the female neck. Such things look smartly and everyday at the same time. The pullover is sufficiently tight, but in cold weather it is better to wear a shirt or turtleneck. 
LEVEL of: 4 (of 5) 
Dimensions of the M-ka 
you ponadobitsya: 
MATERIAL: akpilovaya ppyazha, 100 grams 250 metrov, 1 kg 
Instrumenty: hook-shesterka and analogichnye spokes 
complies with applicable knitting: azhyrny pattern c lush columns and expanse needles 
knitting density : 10/19/0 We 
knit the elements 

The back and the front part 

With a hook, we unseal a chain of 34 pieces of air.p. Farther we knock out according to the scheme schemer. We make a rectangular strip, knit up to a height of 43 cm. With a rectangle we knit 2 stitches on the front and back. Cut the thread. 

Sleeves by 

hooking up a chain of 22 pieces of air. and then knit as well in the scheme. At a height of 40 cm, we finish the sleeves. 

 Assembly and finishing of the product

We perform all the necessary seams, in addition to the shoulder seams. Knit the top of the pattern and bottom similarly vyvyazyvayem strip. We are recruiting 68 points and tying up 10 centimeters of persons. on the surface, in a circle, one on the lower and upper edge. 
That is the work and on the hands, but we draw 22 points. He height is also 10 cm. ‌ ‌

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