Scarf Crochet Pattern

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Pattern About :

| 216, 01/up "WOO | (Long dagger one by one (V) medium/110g
1216 03/Knock, Wool Dagger-IL ') Medium/G 
121/u W Dagger one by one) in ∕105g 
| 216,/U W Dagger one by one (V) medium/18g
Using Needles and 
Come out on the inch method 
3 M 385CN1 
100, M squared) 
Sample 205 Mesh x30"5 Segment 
Fang Ren 冫 
A · ... Tantrayana N for eyes and work, man ~. Zhou Girth | 丿 Mesh &:
:,, * 1 paragraph * color color picture 

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