Labrador Dog Free Pattern

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Labrador Dog

Labrador Color Yarn 
Eye mm 
White Snake (not shjazatepnno) 
Hook for squirrel * N iјi 
Soft Fishing A 
Black Natki for 
Elm Pttno. To fill through the ranks not. 
White part of the eye (calculate will be tod main eye and soaking not required) 
Row 7 Al, join the ring. 14 PRS in the ring. Connect 
Row 2: (1 PRS, raise),? Times, Sen in the following» Petya. (FZ, PRSPs \ A trail loop, 
(PRSs, arr Times, Sen, (Shh *, last loop. Fix the thread. 
Range in, from 5 
Number of times (10) 
Range z; (Sleep, Ari6)-5 (15) 
Row 4; 
Times (20 ' 
Row 5; (w PRM6)-5 times 
Row 6: 
(4 Owls, Prm6ј-5 times (30 ' 
Range 7: (5 PRS, PRM6)-5 (35) 
Row 6: Z Each loop, Phle the yoke of a row, eyes between 13 and 
14 Rows, "on Ras Toya. 7 
Range 17: Ubu 5 times (3-0 ' 
Camping range •;, UB) Lo7 (20), Beat, 
Range (UB ' • Head gasket, 
Row 20: Thread for Trishivanija " 
Range DL, Hook b PRS 
Row 2: (12) 
Row 3: PRS, 
Row 4: Sat "in Kazhduh • E Palü. Thread Mkrepip "Leaving for PR" Iivanija. The nose is easy to beat and 
Killed to the head. 
Ear (2 Sho 
Series Guy, W sleep in from the hook, VP, Gjuvernut 
Row 2; To knit in this row raise, EAP, rotate (4) 
Row 3; To knit in this row raise, EAP, rotate (5) 
Row 4; To tie in this row a raise, 1 VP, turn 
Row 5; To tie a raise in this row. 1 
Row 6; Repeat row 5 
Row 7-3: In each 1 in, turn "(10) 
Row 9: Bind in this row Ubav ", Povernr (in) 
Range of lo: 9 pe Circle (SD PRS), when the 
Series with PRS, AL, PRs (G"tustige one z PRS 
Fold, SS Z Trail, loop, fasten thread, wee to Faceshield row Gopvy " 

The main color is to make three stitches over each eye. 
Embroider the nose, mouth. 
Range 1:2 VP, 2nd from Hook 7 PRS 
Row 2: Fold (14) 
Range Z: (Sen, arr). 7 times (21) 
Row 4: (2 PRS, arr). 7 times (28) 
Range 5 • 8: PRS in each loop (28) 
Row 9: (PRS, fold, PRs in other loops (25) 
Row 10: PRs and Each loop (25) 
Range 11:11 WCO, (UB, PRS). 3 times, 5 PRS (22) 
Row 12: PRs in each loop (22) 
Row 13: (9 PRS, UB). 2 times (20) 
Range 14: (2 PRS, UB) • 5 times (15) 
Row 15: PRs in each loop. Stuff. 
Row 16: (PRS, UB)-5 times (10). Fasten the thread. 
Sew the head to the torso. 
Paws (tie two rear, two front paws) 
Rear Lala: 
Range 1:2 VP, 2nd from Hook b PRS 
Row 2: Fold (12) 
Range Z: 4 PRS, (PRSs, fold, 2 PRS (12) 
Row 4: Z prs, Fold, W PRS (9) 
Range 5 • 9: PRS in each loop, nabt the top half. In Koncha 9th series Lod • 
Hvash: b 2 or Z loops, fold in half and knit 1 PRS, niches fasten, 
Leaving for sewing. 
Perdnie Paws 
According to the description of the rear. Additionally, you have to knit 1 row. (Series 5 • 10). Finish also, 
As the hind legs were finished. 
Sew the paws to the back of the torso between the 5 and 8 rows. Front Paws 
Sew between and 14 rows. 
Range 1:2 VP, 2nd from Hook 5 PRS 
Range 2-8: PRS in Each loop (5) 
Range 9:1 arr, 4 PRS (b) 
Row 10-11: PRs in each loop (b) 
Row 12: (PRS, fold (9). Fasten the thread, leaving for sewing. 
Insert the wire in the tail, the tail to sew to the torso. 


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