Crochet Toy Banana Free Pattern

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Toy Banana fit crochet. Such knitted toy in the form of a banana can be used as a model in kindergartens, theatres or simply for decoration and décor of your kitchen, because the banana is connected to the natural size of a small banana.

Dimensions: Length – 18cm, diameter with skin – 14cm.

Material: any yarn of medium thickness of light yellow and bright yellow color, plus a little brown for stem, hook.

Banana consists of banana pulp, skins (inner and outer parts), stem.
Banana Pulp

To dial the yarn of light yellow color 3 humidity. Loops and close in a circle. Then knit in a circle column without a throw. For lifting in each row we make 1 humidity. Loop.

Further knit as follows:

1 row: 1 humidity. loop, 6 tbsp. Without a throw.

2 row: 1 humidity. loop, 6 tbsp. Without a throw.

3 row: 1 humidity. loop, 8 tbsp. Without a throw.

4 row: 1 humidity. loop, 10 tbsp. Without a throw.

5 row: 1 humidity. loop, 12 tbsp. Without a throw.

Next knit in circular rows up without embellishments, at an altitude of 9-10 cm, then work postpone.
Skin (inner part)

Dial light yellow yarn 25 humidity. Loops and knit an oval in circular rows around the connected chain, tying at each Turn 1 time on two art. Without throwing into one loop of the previous row. Tie three circular rows, work postpone.
Skin (outer part)

Fit in the same way as the skin-the inner part, only bright yellow yarn. Tie three of these same parts.

Connect in pairs light yellow and bright yellow, tying bright yellow yarn art. Without a throw. The received three details of a skin sew them, lousy in the middle of a pulp of a banana, in advance it is paddinged or finely-crushed paralonom. Sewed skin and pulp, knit stalk banana, circular rows by typing on the bottom of the banana, as shown in the picture 5-6 art. Without a throw. Tie 3 rows, reduce to 3-4 art. Without throwing in the circle. Tie three such series and evenly add up to 5-6 art. Without a throw. Tie the 2-3 series, go to the brown yarn, provjazav one row, tighten the hole and complete the work.


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