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The necessary materials for our crochet lessons:
Two colors of thread for knitting.
Hook. The number of the hook depends on the thickness of the thread. Usually the thread indicates which hook number is needed for them.
Two big buttons.
Described lessons of knitting must be used with pictures, where you can clearly see what and how to do.

Lesson 1. We knit the bottom of the wallet
1. We dial 10 air loops. 
2. 1 air lifting loop. Next, we knit the columns without the crochet until the end of the row. In the last loop of the row we knit 4 posts without a crochet. 
3. We knit the bars without the crochet until the end of the row. 
4. In the last loop of the row, we knit 4 columns without a crochet. 
5. Steps 2,3 and 4 are one circle. We knit four more such circles.

Lesson 2. We knit the wallet wall 
6. After we tied the bottom, we got a circle with 48 loops. We knit in a circle of 13 circles. 
7. We knit the last row - the ears of the owl. We send a column with a crochet into the third loop. 
8. We send 7 more stitches with crochets to this third loop. It turned out "shell" with 8 columns with crocheted. We fix our "shell" with a column without a crochet in the third loop. 
9. We knit 11 more posts without a crochet. Vobschem get 12 columns without a crochet. Next we knit again the "shell" - 8 columns with a crochet in one loop. 
10 We knit the second row "shell". After the second "shell" again we knit 12 sticks without a crochet and another "shell". 
11. After you have finished knitting, fix the thread. The tip of the thread is stretched in a needle and fixed in the "shell". It is possible to stretch back a second time.
12. In the end, I need to get this cover.

Lesson 3. Finish the wallet
13. Begin to knit the beak of an owl. We retreat from the "shell" two loops. We sew the first loop with a thread of a different color. 
14. We send the first row with 8 columns without a crochet. 
15. We send 7 more rows. As a result, we get 8 rows. 
16. We continue to knit in rows, but now in each row we subtract two loops: one at the beginning of the row, the second at the end. We knit until the last loop in the row. We fix the loop. 
17. Sew two large buttons to the place of the eyes. 
18. We bind the buttons. This will help to make sure that the wallet is closed.

Source : http://a-ideas.com.ua/koshelek-sova/

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