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ery many knitting lovers want to knit different cute, funny toys. At the same time, many people are stopped by the fact that it is necessary to attach a lot of small parts from time to time, but not everyone understands how to do this as imperceptibly as possible.

This little MC is just about that. 

1. After finishing any knitting of the toy, I leave the "tail" of the yarn at least 15 cm. I sew the details with the needle for the skin with the help of this tip. Now on sale there are special plastic needles, and also needles with a blunt end, which are also suitable. It's just easier for me to work with this needle.

2. First, of course, you need to determine the place where to sew the part, and fix it there. Because the parts are mostly stuffed with sintepon, it is convenient to simply pin them vertically with pins.

3. Next I enter the "tail" in the needle and I do one stitch on the main part. Then, on the part that I sew, I insert the needle under the loop in the direction "from the inside to the outside". 

Then, stretching the thread, I make a stitch on the main part within two adjacent loops of the edge of the sewn part.

4. We continue to alternate the stitches until the whole part is sewn. It turns out to be such a perfectly pleasant seam.

I so sew most of the individual parts, such as ears, muzzles, tails, etc. 

Thank you very much for your attention.

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