Crochet New Year Napkin

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This simple in knitting a New Year's napkin crochet will help to create a festive mood at home. After all, on these "hours" until the new Year is only 5 minutes. 

The clock dial is a crocheted napkin with a fringe of bells, and the arrows-two strips in the form of FIR twigs, made of dark green yarn.

To create this beauty will need the threads "Iris" (15 g white and 3 G dark green), hook 0.85 and 15 beads. Approximate size of the product 22.5 cm.

Knitting Christmas napkins begins with a set of crochet 8-and VP and compound them in the ring of the coed. Column. For the first row you need to tie 6 VP (3 VP on the rise + 3 VP), and then perform in the Ring 9 art. c/N, separated by 3 VP the end of the series-3 v. P. and soed. Column in the 3rd lift loop.

We continue knitting on the 9th row inclusive. Further the thread cut, and on each arch from 7-and V. P. 9-th row knit separately bells (on 6 numbers), connecting them among themselves in the 6th row a connecting column. The last row (strapping) is executed without interruption in a circle through all bells.

Napkin ready, it's time to start shooting. To do this, take a dark green thread and link them to the appropriate schemes. To start a large arrow to tie a chain of 20-and VP, and for a small-14 VP

Now let's do the Clock center. To do this, we will use a hook ring of 6-VP, and connect 1 VP for lifting and 11 art. b/N in the ring, having finished knitting the soyed. Art.

Attach the arrows to the center. The napkin and arrows are strongly starched, spread to the size and leave to dry.

Checking with the photo, sew the beads to the bells. The arrows will be sewn to the center and also decorated with beads. The New Year's watch is ready.

The scheme of knitting Christmas napkins crochet is very simple, so you can link it even those who are not very confident in their experience.

While there is still time before the holiday, such "hours" can be linked several. After all agree, such a new Year's napkin crochet will be a wonderful gift to friends or close people.

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