Crochet Basket with Ears and Tail

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Good time of day friends! 🙋
I have a little pleasure for you-suddenly to whom😉
Tied up for important girly little things like this hare Korzinochku🐰 
I share the description, it is very simple, will cope with everything! 🙌
Knit with pleasure and delight the little princesses! 😘 I think they will not remain indifferent, because the basket is so cute and soft Vyhodit😍
Well, I have hearts for the labors of Nasypte🤗 ❤

🐰pljushevaja basket "Bunny" 🐰

✔ Yarn Himalaya Dolphin Baby 
✔ Hook № 4 
✔ Scissors, needle with wide ear.

🔸VP-Air Loop
🔸SS-Connecting column
🔸SBN-Non-lime column
🔸SSN-a column with a scale
🔸PSSN-half-column with scale

We will not knit in a spiral, but in rows! At the end of each row we will make a connecting column in the first line of the series (not in the air loop, and in the column), start a new row with the aerial loop and run into the same loop.
1r 8SBN in CA
2r 8d (16SBN)
3r (Sat, D) * 8 (24SBN)
4r (2SBB, D) * 8 (32 SBN)
5r (3SBB, D) * 8 (40SBN)
6r (4SBN, D) * 8 (48 SBN)
We begin to knit walls:
7r for the rear half loops 48
8-14 48 of the RVN (7 rows)
15r SS in each loop (it was a strapping edge). Thread to cut, tighten and hide inside the basket.

1r 6SBN in CA
2r 6d (12SBN) 
3r 12SBN
4r 6ub (6SBN) + SS
Cut and tighten the thread.

1r dial A chain of 9VP, in the 4th loop from the hook ol of 2SSN, then tie the chain on both sides-2SSN, PRSPs, SBN, D of 3SBN in one loop, SBN, PRSPs, 2SSN, Ol of 3SSN in one loop.
2r 3d from 2SBB, 2SBB, 7cc, 2SBB, 3d from 2SBB, SS. Thread tighten, cut and hide.

🙌prishit to a basket of ears and a tail, to decorate at desire! 🐰


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