Knit Crochet Bright Necklace

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Complexity: Above average
Working time: 2 days
Materials: Hook № 1, yarn iris, wooden beads, large beads, wax cord, juniper beads, cotton threads

I suggest to crochet a bright autumn ornament that will add zest to your image and improve mood in rainy weather. Knitted necklace can be used as a sling, because the work does not contain small and dangerous parts.

For work we will need: scissors; Hook (I have a № 1 and № 2 to work in two strands), thread (I use iris and other threads in the thickness of about 500 m for 100 g) Autumn Colors-brown, orange, yellow-plain and melange; Wooden (juniper) Beads of diameter 15 mm for tying and 10 mm for assembly; Large beads (or small beads) of bright orange color for imitation of Rowan; Waxed cord of brown color about 2, 5-3 meters.

Step one. Tying beads

Plain beads

Knit chain of 5 air loops. Lock it in the ring. Tie the bars without a scale in a circle, introducing a hook in the center of the ring. The loop of lifting do not do, knit on a spiral. In the next row we start to add columns, we put 2 columns under one loop of a basis. And so knit several rows, trying on knitting to the bead until we get the right size.  The desired size looks like this: The knitted circle is slightly larger than the bead.

The middle part of the beads is tied without additions. First knit from the inside. Then Vyvorachivaem bead and knit outside. Linking a cap of the necessary depth, put in it a bead and continue to knit with a bead inside. We perform the same as the increments in the beginning. For this knitting through one column, that is missing some loops of the previous row.

The ends of the thread are hiding between the bead and knitting.

Bead with dots

Knitting as well as monophonic, points embroider a needle on a ready bead-shvyvkoj forward a needle, vykalyvayem around one column and putting a thread for a knot, repeat twice in one place that the points were more convex and expressive

Bead tied with Mesh

Knit chain of 3-5 air loops. Lock it in the ring. We tie columns without a scale in a circle. No lifting loop. In the next row knitting The arches of the three EAP, attaching them to the SBN in each SBN of the previous series-the number of arches in a row depends on the size of the bead. The following 3 rows of knitting arches without additions, attaching to the center of the arch of the previous row. Put the bead inside the resulting cap. Start to reduce the air loops in the Arches, projazuvyi in a row of 2 loops between the columns, in the next 1, then just a column and then knit through 1 loop.

Step 2: the Base for Bouquet

We dial 4 loops orange, lock them in a ring. 1row-We have to put 6 on it, then in each row we evenly add 6 SBN: 2 p.-12 SBN, 3 p.-18 SBN. , 4 and 5 Series knit PRSs, alternating-2 in 1, 1 in 1.

6, 7, 8 p. — Knit according to the scheme only on half of the circle.

Step 3: Knit Bouquet

1) knit on the scheme of 3 sheets of orange-melange color. You can change the size of the leaves by changing the number of loops in the initial chain. Knit in two strands.

2) knit on the scheme of 2 sheets of bright yellow color. Make them different sizes by changing the initial number of loops.

3) Tie the sheet with yellow-green color. Knit in two strands.

4) Tie 2 green leaves on the scheme. Knit in two strands.

5) Small flowers. Be affected flower is knitted so. Wrap the thread on the handle of the hook (8-9 Navavov). Carefully remove the received ring and tie it to the SBN, inserting the hook into the center of the ring. Connect the series to the ring of the connecting loop. Further to continue to tie in a circle SBN, introducing a hook not in loops of the received number, and in the center of a ring. Continue knitting in a circle, increasing the thickness and filling the middle of the ring. The number of rows depends on the thickness of yarn and the density of knitting.

The resulting element is tied in a circle of 15 sbn.  Next, knit the SBN, skipping every second RVN of the previous row, you should get a ball-berry.  When the last 5 loops remain, knit without decreases. Link stalk from the EAP approximately 1-2 cm.

The flower cap is knit according to the scheme.

Just tie 2 flowers and 2 midway with a stalk, put the flowers on the stems.

6) Acorns. We start knitting with a light thread. Dial 4 loops, lock in ring. In the second row evenly add 6 SBN, Vyvyazit from each loop 2 SBN-12 SBN. In the third add another 6 SBN-18 SBN. 4-10 p. Knitting without increments 18 SBN, in 11 p. Begin to knit a hat brown thread-22 SBN, 12-13 p.-22 SBN, 14 p.-18 SBN, 15 p.-12 SBN, 16 p.-6 SBN, then knit through 1p, at the end of knitting tail of several EAP. We connect acorns with a tail.

Step 4. Assembling beads

1) Sew the parts of the bouquet together.

2) Collect our beads on a single thread. It will be stronger, and all ends will perform a decorative role. Stringing beads, focusing on the photo. Since it is difficult to calculate the desired length of the cord for beads, I usually stringing beads, without cutting the cord from the coil (in any case about 3 m you should be enough). The wrapped beads are placed on the side of the coil, that is, start stringing them, then stringing small beads. Leave a free tip about 20 sm and begin to tie knots between beads-ryabinkami, between knitted beads of knots there is no. The rest of the tip on the side of the wrapped beads should remain longer, we still need it.

We form beads from two threads. Tie a knot with a loop between a part with the tied beads and beads-Ryabkami. Tie the knot on the second end of the beads. We skip after it a place for a bouquet (try on), and again tie a knot.

On the longer tip of the cord stringing the remaining beads and hold it back on the same beads to the place of the bouquet, leaving at the end of the buttonhole.

The remaining ends of the cord connect a dense bow and cut it

2) Attach bouquet to beads. First we attach a basis, to it prishyvayem a bouquet. We work with threads under the color of the basis.

At the tips of the cord tie knots.

3) make a tie. Knit double Thread.

Knit chain of the EAP about 25 cm long, attach it to the loop of the cord on the beads, return to the beginning of the chain of Poletpoles. At the ends of the resulting tie tie a knot or put on a bead. On the second side we make the same tie.

We admire the resulting necklace!

Source : https://www.livemaster.ru/topic/1978457-vyazhem-kryuchkom-yarkoe-kole-osennij-buket?msec=24

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